April 2014

io9: Boosting Brain Power Comes At A Price

Studies show that mild electrical currents can accelerate a number of cognitive functions, such as learning and math. But researchers now say there are mental tradeoffs to doing so. About a year ago, a research team led by Rol Cohen Kados. MedicalDaily, Lh showed that transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) makes people better at math. It […]

HealthDay: Type 2 Diabetes May Shrink the Brain, Study Suggests

People with type 2 diabetes may lose more brain volume than is expected as they age, new research indicates. Surprisingly, this shrinkage doesn’t appear to be linked to the damaging effect of diabetes on tiny blood vessels in the brain, but instead by how the brain handles excess sugar, the researchers noted. “We have known […]

HealthCanal: Precise brain mapping can improve response to deep brain stimulation in depression

A new study using MRI analysis of the white matter connections examined the architecture of this network in patients who demonstrated significant response to SCC DBS. Researchers found that all responders showed a common pattern defined by three distinct white matter bundles passing through the SCC. Non-responders did not show this pattern. “These results suggest […]

News Press: Health Tip: Keep your brain active, alert

A lot of research is being done to identify the cause and the best treatments for Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) but what about the prevention? Lower your risk of AD by keeping your brain active and alert. Learn new skills, eat foods with antioxidants, maintain normal cholesterol numbers, keep your blood pressure controlled, get physical activity […]

Fox News: Medical marijuana may treat MS symptoms, ineffective for other brain disorders

As medical marijuana makes its way into mainstream clinical use, there is still much mystery surrounding the drug, as not much is known about the its effects on the brain or nervous system disorders. To gain a better understanding of the benefits – or downsides – of medical cannabis, researchers from the American Academy of […]

CNN: Why Laughing is Healthy

A study presented at this year’s annual Experimental Biology conference finds that when people laugh, their brains are activated in the same way as when people are mindfully meditating. The study, from researchers at Loma Linda University, measured the brain activity of 31 people when they watched a funny video and again when they watched a stressful video. […]

HuffingtonPost Canada: Laughter Best Medicine For Brain Health: Study

Turns out laughter really is the best medicine. Particularly when it’s of the belly-laugh variety, the kind that produces brain waves akin to levels seen in people who reach “a true state of meditation.” That’s according to new research out of the Loma Linda University in Southern California that suggests making a concerted effort to […]

Daily Digest: Strategic thinking strengthens intellectual capacity, new study suggests

According to new research, strategic thinking enhances intellectual capacity. In a recent study, gist-reasoning training has shown to be beneficial in normal and clinical populations. A data-driven perspective article from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas showed that strategy-based cognitive training may be able to enhance cognitive performance and provide […]

Science20: Research Shows Strategic Thinking Strengthens Intellectual Capacity

“Our brains are wired to be inspired,” said Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHeath and Dee Wyly Distinguished University Chair at The University of Texas at Dallas. “One of the key differences in our studies from other interventional research aimed at improving cognitive abilities is that we did […]