June 2014

Science 2.0: Puzzle Games Can Improve Mental Flexibility

Mental fitness tools are all the rage. Companies are pushing out various brain games that claim they can boost cognitive powers. Do they work? Most studies say no but a new paper finds that playing a puzzle game like Cut the Rope for as little as an hour a day led to improved executive functions. […]

Fox News: Task-oriented exercise may help with mild memory loss

An exercise program that challenges the mind while mimicking daily tasks may improve mental functioning in older adults with mild cognitive decline, according to a new study. The trial found significant positive changes, lasting several months, among seniors with memory and thinking changes serious enough to be noticed by others but not so severe as […]

Nature World News: Big Brains Evolved to Help Humans See Better

According to researchers at the University of Bath, bigger brains help humans perceive more information from their visual fields and help reduce visual illusions. The research adds weight to the idea that size of certain brain areas such as the visual cortex played an important role in human evolution. The team found that the brain region dedicated to vision […]

Scientific American: Brainomics: Hacking the Brain (and Autism) with Gene Machines

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, a mouse brain has maybe 100 million. What we’d really like to understand is how we go from a bunch of neurons to thought, feelings, behavior. We think that the key is to understand how the different neurons are connected to one another. So traditionally there have been […]

Tech Times: Keep your brain busy, lower risk of cognitive decline: Study

One of the unwanted things associated with growing old is cognitive decline with 25 to 50 percent of adults 85 years old and over showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease, a condition marked by progressive memory impairment. Keeping your brain busy by reading, playing music and using the computer though may increase your chances of being […]

USA Today: Safety groups target brain impact of headers in soccer

The World Cup has shown us how the world’s best soccer players can use their heads to re-direct balls into the goal, including the tying score by Portugal in the final seconds versus the United States. A new concussion safety campaign is being mounted to delay use of headers by U.S. youth players until high […]

Fox News: ‘Neural bypass’ reconnects brain to muscles in paralyzed man

Neurobridge works as a kind of neural “bypass,” taking signals from the brain, rerouting them around the damaged spinal cord and sending them directly to the muscles, according to its developers, including doctors at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and researchers from Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. “Other devices use electrical stimulation, […]

Mod Vive: Exercise Your Brain to Prevent the Onset of Dementia

While there is still no known cure, researchers have found new evidence that may prove learning and mentally-stimulating exercises help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. A recent study, conducted at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation, tracked 2,000 seniors between the ages of 70 to 89 during the years of 2004-2009. The participants of […]