December 2014

TIME: Does Your Mind Wander? Here’s Why That Can Be Your Greatest Asset

Wandering minds are associated with creativity. Popular wisdom tells you to live in the moment. Let’s look at the research. You spend up to 8 minutes of every hour daydreaming. Your mind will probably wander for 13% of the time it takes you to read this post. Some of us spend 30-40% of our time […]

News Medical: Bipolar brain changes both state- and trait-dependent

Some of the alterations in brain activation in patients with bipolar disorder are dependent on their current mood, study findings show. Brain activation in bipolar patients during the n-back working memory task followed a similar general pattern to that seen in mentally healthy controls, report Edith Pomarol-Clotet (Barcelona and Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red […]

Chicago Parent: Study: Parents matter most for toddlers with autism

A new study has found toddlers with autism significantly improve after intensive intervention by their parents and now researchers hope to show kids as young as 12 months can be diagnosed and helped through similar efforts. “We taught families to work with their children 20 to 25 hours a week in their everyday activities—not only […]

News Medical: New study reveals how the brain can distinguish between good and bad smells

Scientists identify the lateral horn in the brain of fruit flies as the processing center for behaviorally relevant odor information. Whether an odor is pleasant or disgusting to an organism is not just a matter of taste. Often, an organism’s survival depends on its ability to make just such a discrimination, because odors can provide […]

Know Brainer

Success = Flexible mental resources. Often we crave easy decisions and automatic pilot, but routines and rote thinking fail to nourish our creativity. It is increasingly important to strengthen your fluid intelligence—how flexibly someone uses what they know and applies learning in new ways.

Bio Science Technology: Reading Leaves a Dramatic Imprint on the Brain

A good book recreates the world so robustly that it activates some of the same brain regions that “everyday life” does, according to a recent PLOS One study. In the study, innovative MRI analyses of people reading a richly imaginative book showed movement of characters occurring in a brain region where others’ motions are processed […]

Mashable: A bad job is harder on your mental health than unemployment

There can be no doubt that the job market has been more resilient since the financial crisis than many imagined. Unemployment did not rise as far as was feared and the recovery in employment to pre-recession levels has been quicker than forecast by even the most optimistic labour economists. So, time for some self-congratulatory back-slapping […]

Mareeg: Testing Times for Alzheimer’s

Two famous longitudinal studies – the Framingham Heart Study in Massachusetts and the Kungsholmen Project in Sweden – have led to important progress in predicting Alzheimer’s. These studies found that short-term memory may be impaired for up to ten years before an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Major advances have since been made in brain imaging, biochemical analysis, […]