February 2015

Medical Xpress: The brain’s decision-making structure appears to operate hierarchically

A key part of the brain involved with decision making, the striatum, appears to operate hierarchically – much like a traditional corporation with executives, middle managers and employees, according to researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University in Japan. The striatum is part of the basal ganglia, the inner core […]

Medical Xpress: Reviving drugs with anti-stroke potential, minus side effects

In the 1990s, neuroscientists identified a class of drugs that showed promise in the area of stroke. NMDA receptor antagonists could limit damage to the brain in animal models of stroke. But one problem complicated testing the drugs in a clinical setting: the side effects included disorientation and hallucinations. Now researchers have found a potential […]

EurekAlert: Moffitt researchers identify protein pathway involved in brain tumor stem cell growth

Glioblastomas are a highly aggressive type of brain tumor, with few effective treatment options. Moffitt Cancer Center researchers are one step closer to understanding glioblastoma development following the identification of a key protein signaling pathway involved in brain tumor stem cell growth and survival. Brain tumor stem cells are believed to play an important role […]

Medical Xpress: Epilepsy surgery gets high marks from patients in survey

More than nine in 10 epilepsy patients who had brain surgery to try to control their seizures are happy they did so, a new survey reveals. The review appears to be driven by the fact that patients saw the number of debilitating seizures they experienced after surgery either drop significantly or disappear altogether, the researchers […]

Science Codex: Research suggests anesthetics could have long-term impact on children’s brains

A group of anesthesiologists and toxicologists today issued a caution to parents and health care professionals about the use of general anesthetics in children. Each year millions of infants, toddlers and preschool children require anesthesia or sedation for various procedures. The University of Toronto’s Professor Beverley Orser and a team of anesthesiology investigators and toxicologists […]

The Irish Times: Neuromarketing: the battle for our brains is big business

Scientists in Trinity College Dublin routinely look inside a live brain to reveal its workings using fMRI scans. These scans can open a window on to our thoughts or reveal traces of thought processes we are unaware of, which has given rise to a new area of research: neuromarketing. (February 27, 2015) Read the full […]

Medical Xpress: Scientists identify a neural circuit involved in translating premotor planning into active movement

With half a second’s planning, an animal’s brain prepares it to quickly and precisely execute complex movements. Scientists at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus have identified a neural circuit that transforms the flurry of activity that occurs during this preparatory period into commands that direct muscle movements. The research by the Janelia scientists […]

Medical Xpress: Study challenges theory on unconscious memory system in the brain

A new study by a UT Dallas researcher challenges a long-accepted scientific theory about the role the hippocampus plays in our unconscious memory. For decades, scientists have theorized that this part of the brain is not involved in processing unconscious memory, the type that allows us to do things like button a shirt without having […]