April 2015

Brain Health in Your 40’s

Brain Health in Your 40’s We start to see cognitive decline during the 40s because we accept mental slippage and boredom in our life and work. Rediscover and reflect on your passion to make sure it is integral to your brain activities.

Washington Post: Crazy good: How mental illnesses help entrepreneurs thrive

Michael A. Freeman had long noticed that entrepreneurs seem inclined to have mental health issues. The clinical professor of psychology at UC-San Francisco’s medical school spent a decade at a company where his clients were the founders of businesses. He estimates that about a third of them seemed to have some type of mental health […]

Medical Xpress: Researchers adapt TB diagnostic tool for determining traumatic brain injury

A new detection approach originally developed for tuberculosis diagnostics is being adapted as a tool for determining traumatic brain injury, one of the challenges facing the medical community as it works to treat military and sports figures with head injuries. Minute chemical alterations in the body, called biomarkers, are the key. (April 29, 2015)  Read […]

EurekAlert: Epilepsy alters organization of brain networks and functional efficiency

Epilepsy, a disorder characterized by abnormal neuronal activity in certain regions of the brain, leads to organizational changes that can alter brain efficiency at the level of the whole brain. This occurs across functional networks that connect different brain regions and within individual brain regions, as described in an article in Brain Connectivity, a peer-reviewed […]

The Guardian: Helping to unlock the secrets of autism

A picture of the House of Lords has been stuck to Ann Harber’s wall for months. Next to it is her daily schedule which is made from pictures to represent things like breakfast and an aerobics class stuck on a strip of velcro. Every evening she takes pleasure in creating it. (April 29, 2015)  Read […]

Huffington Post: Teens With Autism Stretch, Grow And Laugh In Improv Classes At Second City

The program was initially an offshoot of Second City’s improv-for-anxiety classes, which had been developed with the Panic Anxiety Recovery Center after the school noticed that psychologists and psychiatrists were referring their patients to those classes. Some of the participants in a teen anxiety class were also dealing with ASD, suggesting a more specialized need. […]

Fox News: Kids of severely obese moms have higher risk of ADHD

Six-year-olds whose mothers were severely obese before pregnancy are more likely to have developmental or emotional problems than kids of healthy-weight moms, according to a new study. The researchers had found evidence of this link in two previous studies, said coauthor Laura Schieve, an epidemiologist with CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. […]

Medical Xpress: Researchers map neural circuit involved in combining multiple senses

Combining information across multiple senses helps in choosing an appropriate action. While many examples exist of such synergistic effects, very few studies have identified the neural architecture underlying multisensory convergence. In particular, whether distinct sensory streams converge early, late or at multiple levels in the sensory processing hierarchy was an open question. Using behavioral testing, […]