May 2015

Fitness and Brain Health

Fitness and Brain Health People who have better aerobic fitness in middle age may ward off decreases in brain volume later in life, potentially preserving memory and other functions.   Source: Reuters

Science Word Report: Human creativity caused by a surprising brain region

What causes some people to be so creative? Scientists have discovered a surprising link between creative problem-solving and heightened activity in the cerebellum, a structure in the brain that’s more typically thought of as the body’s movement-coordination center. The cerebellum is traditionally thought of as being the brain’s practice-makes-perfect, movement-control center. But until now, it […]

BBC: Sleep training ‘may reduce racism and sexism’

A team at Northwestern University, Chicago, played sounds while people slept to trigger and enforce memories of an exercise earlier in the day. Experts said the findings had potential in many situations, but also raised ethical questions. Sexual and racial prejudice are common but may often be unintentional, says the Northwestern team. (May 29, 2015) […]

Reuters: Fitness in middle age linked ot healthier brain in later years

People who have better aerobic fitness in middle age may ward off decreases in brain volume later in life, potentially preserving memory and other functions, a U.S. study suggests. “The current findings suggest that maintaining high fitness in midlife may boost brain health on average 20 years later in adults who have not yet experienced […]

TIME: Scientists figure out how to retrieve ‘lost’ memories

Mice certainly aren’t men, but they can teach us a lot about memories. And in the latest experiments, mice are helping to resolve a long-simmering debate about what happens to “lost” memories. Are they wiped out permanently, or are they still there, but just somehow out of reach? The latest research shows memories “lost” to […]

Medical Xpress: Brain training induces lasting brain, mental health gains for veterans, civilians with brain injury

In the first study of its kind, veterans and civilians with traumatic brain injury showed improved cognitive performance and psychological and neural health following strategy-based cognitive training. The Department of Defense-funded study, published this week in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, was conducted by an interdisciplinary team of cognitive neuroscientists, rehabilitation specialists, and neuroimaging experts from the Center for […]

Huffington Post: How I dealt with my contentious loved one with Alzheimer’s

People with Alzheimer’s disease sometimes have personality changes that can be quite negative. Formerly sweet loved ones can become argumentative and verbally, emotionally or even physically abusive. Things had gotten so bad I wanted to end my relationship with Ed, my Romanian soul mate of 25 years. What’s more he was making scenes in public […]

The Guardian: ‘There is still a shocking level of ignorance regarding dementia’

George McNamara, head of policy and public affairs, Alzheimer’s Society: Every day we hear about the struggle people with dementia have getting a timely diagnosis. While progress has been made in this area, many people with dementia are also at their wits end with the lack of timely and quality dementia care in their area. (May 29, […]