August 2016

Popular Science: Blood-guzzling brain key to evolution of human intelligence

The human brain is a fuel hog, and that, it turns out, is key to how our intelligence evolved. It has long been believed that the evolution of human intelligence was simply related to increasing brain size, but a team of researchers from South Africa and Australia have overturned that assumption. (August 31, 2016) Read […]

Science Daily: New window to understanding the brain

A team of researchers has demonstrated that syringe-injectable mesh electronics can stably record neural activity in mice for eight months or more, with none of the inflammation produced by traditional implanted probes. Scientists in recent years have made great strides in the quest to understand the brain by using implanted probes to explore how specific […]

BBC: Autism in women ‘significantly under-diagnosed’

The National Autistic Society is calling for changes and improvements in the diagnosis of girls and women with the condition. When Hans Asperger first defined autistic psychopathy in 1944, he was talking about boys. He thought no women or girls were affected by the condition. (August 31, 2016) Read the full article here

U.S. News & World Report: Non-surgical brain stimulation shows promise, but unknowns remain

When medication and psychotherapy don’t prove effective against depression, some patients find relief from another source: noninvasive brain stimulation. “Patients are usually treated with medications and treated with psychotherapy, and if that’s not enough, then they come to our clinic and consider noninvasive brain stimulation, or specifically TMS,” says Dr. Michael D. Fox, an assistant […]

Fast Company: Six brain hacks to learn anything faster

Whether it’s a new technology, a foreign language, or an advanced skill, staying competitive often means learning new things. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers have taken a course or sought additional training to advance their careers, according to a March 2016 study by Pew Research Center. (August 30, 2016) Read the full article here

Today: Dogs understand what we say and how we say it, brain scans show

“Good boy! Who’s such a good boy? You’re a good boy!” These words can cause any dog to wag its tail in excitement. Many believed that dogs responded to the tone, that excited, praising voice, more than the words. But a new study in Science shows that dogs understand tone and words and their brains […]