October 2016

Live Science: Mouse brain visualized in stunning 3D detail

Scientists have painstakingly mapped the connections in a tiny segment of the mouse’s brain. The stunningly intricate picture provides an unprecedented level of detail of an organ smaller than a pebble and lighter than the average cotton ball. (October 31, 2016) Read the full article here

Medical News Today: Competition is the best workout motivation, study finds

Lack of physical activity has been shown to increase the risk of chronic illness and mortality. Yet, a large part of the American population fails to meet the government’s recommendations for physical activity. According to a new study, competition might be the key to getting us to workout more. (October 30, 2016) Read the full […]

Big Think: Study: Better brain function and dementia prevention in one exercise

Engaging in regular weightlifting could actually make your brain work better and prevent dementia, concludes new research by Australian scientists. As about 135 million people are estimated to develop dementia by 2050, the study’s findings are key in ensuring healthier brain function in the population. (October 30, 2016) Read the full article here

News Medical: How is depression in children diagnosed?

Depression was formerly thought to occur only in adults, because children were felt to lack the necessary cognitive and emotional make-up that could give rise to this disorder. However, the use of standardized criteria shows that not only do children suffer from depression, but the rates of both depression and suicide in this group is […]

UPI: Scientists look to dopamine production in Parkinson’s research

Researchers at Lund University say they have found a more effective way to produce dopamine neurons from stem cells for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Stem cell therapy to control dopamine production may help treat Parkinson’s disease, but until now, accurately controlling an dproducing the cells in the lab has proven difficult. (October 28, 2016) […]

Health 24: Foods you need to fuel your brain

Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs nutritious food to function. With end-of-year exams around the corner, here’s a look at foods that can help boost your brain power. (October 31, 2016) Read the full article here

Science Blog: Could a pill treat concussions?

The goal of finding a treatment for concussion may be one step closer due to a new study being launched by University of Miami researchers. As part of a $16 million research grant from Scythian Biosciences, researchers at the university’s The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and Miller School of Medicine will begin studying whether […]