June 2017

Give Your Brain a Well-Deserved Break

Give Your Brain a Well-Deserved Break Your brain works hard twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Reward your brain by giving it a break for five minutes, five times a day. Ideally, these breaks should be distraction-free (from your phone, radio, tv)– they should be dedicated chunks of time that allow your brain to rest and recharge […]

Science World Report: Artists, architects see the world differently from the rest of us

You may want to think twice about your career choice–a new study suggests that “people of different professions differ in how they appreciate the world,” according to senior study author Dr. Hugo Spiers. The study, published in Cognitive Science, focused on architects, painters and sculptors, and found that these artistic types conceive of spaces differently […]

Scientific American: Can hearing be restored by making the brain more childlike?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks—or can you? Textbooks tell us that early infancy offers a narrow window of opportunity during which sensory experience shapes the way neuronal circuits wire up to process sound and other inputs. A lack of proper stimulation during this “critical period” has a permanent and detrimental effect on […]

Health Day: Concussion in high school doesn’t boost depression risk: Study

Two new studies offer good news for any high school athlete who’s suffered a concussion: For most athletes, mental or physical effects may resolve themselves over the long term. One study involving more than 260 high school athletes who’d suffered a concussion found they had no bigger risk for depression within about two years after […]

Medical News Today: Multiple births linked to improved stroke recovery

The results of a new study have shown that while female mice that give birth multiple times have an increased risk of stroke, they also recover better following stroke than mice that have never been pregnant. The researchers, including lead author Rodney Ritzel, Ph.D., of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, report […]

Medical Xpress: Stiff vessels, low blood flow in the brain forewarn of dementia

A combination of high blood pressure and decreased blood flow inside the brain may spur the build-up of harmful plaque and signal the onset of dementia, USC researchers have found. “If you have problems with the blood vessels in the brain, then you’re going to end up with difficulty with thinking skills, cognition, memory, and […]

MIT Technology Review: How the brain seeks pleasure and avoids pain

As a child, Kay Tye was immersed in a life of science. “I grew up in my mom’s lab,” she says. At the age of five or six, she earned 25 cents a box for “restocking” bulk-ordered pipette tips into boxes for sterilization as her mother, an acclaimed biochemist at Cornell University, probed the genetics […]