December 2017

Newsmax: Aging causes brain cells to develop more mutations

Brain cells – neurons – develop gene mutations over the course of a lifetime, contributing to normal aging and potentially presenting a target for treatments that stave off dementia and other types of cognitive decline, researchers say. The team developed a way to sequence the genomes of individual neurons, which allowed them to see what […]

Scientific American: For baby’s brain to benefit, read the right books at the right time

Parents often receive books at pediatric checkups via programs like Reach Out and Read and hear from a variety of health professionals and educators that reading to their kids is critical for supporting development. The pro-reading message is getting through to parents, who recognize that it’s an important habit. (December 14, 2017) Read the full […]

Medical News Today: How a gene mutation could help to treat chronic pain

Scientists have discovered a rare genetic mutation in one family that causes low sensitivity to pain, a discovery that could lead to new treatment strategies for chronic pain, which is one of the most debilitating conditions in the United States. In a study newly published in the journal Brain, researchers reveal how an Italian family […]

Science News: Mini brains may wrinkle and fold just like ours

Flat brains growing on microscope slides may have revealed a new wrinkle in the story of how the brain folds. Cells inside the brains contract, while cells on the outside grow and push outward, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, discovered from working with the lab-grown brains, or organoids. (December 12, […]

Reuters: Head and neck cancer survivors have long-lasting cognitive problems

Patients who survive head and neck cancer may be more likely to experience declines in cognitive function than people who don’t have these tumors, a recent study suggests. The findings are drawn from cognitive assessments for 80 survivors of these tumors and a control group of 40 otherwise similar people who didn’t have these malignancies. […]

Science Blog: Action games expand the brain’s cognitive abilities

The human brain is malleable – it learns and adapts. Numerous research studies have focused on the impact of action video games on the brain by measuring cognitive abilities, such as perception, attention and reaction time. An international team of psychologists, led by the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, has assembled data from the last […]

Forbes: Why does depression tend to increase during the holidays?

During the holidays, there is an increase in the number of activities, tasks, and social events that people must manage. Shopping and gift-buying can cause financial and emotional stress and can create a need to manage crowds, traffic, and malls or large stores. Family, school, neighborhood, and work celebrations and parties create social, time, and […]

Medical Xpress: Noise sensitivity visible in brain structures

Recent functional studies conducted at the University of Helsinki and Aarhus University suggest that noise sensitivity, a trait describing attitudes towards noise and predicting noise annoyance, is associated with altered processing in the central auditory system. Now, the researchers have found that noise sensitivity is associated with the grey matter volume in selected brain structures […]