May 2018

Futurity: Drug combo may ease near-term risk of second stroke

For people who have had a minor stroke or a transient ischemic stroke (TIA), combining the clot-preventing drug clopidogrel with aspirin may lower risk of having a major event within the next 90 days, new research shows. A study of 4,881 adults in 10 countries who either had a minor stroke or a TIA showed […]

Neurology Advisor: Unmet therapy needs common in children with traumatic brain injury

Children with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and complicated mild traumatic brain injury (cmTBI) are likely to have unmet service needs, including needs for occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy (ST), physical therapy (PT), mental health services, physiatry services, and educational services, as reported in Pediatrics. A total of 170 parent-child dyads were enrolled […]

The Health Site: Leg exercises critical to brain and nervous health

Turns out, leg exercises do not just tone your leg muscles; they are critical to brain and nervous health as well. According to a study conducted by Frontiers, neurological health depends as much on signals sent by the body’s large, leg muscles to the brain as it does on directives from the brain to the […]

Spectrum: Autism screen misses children with noticeable delays

A widely used test for autism misses some children with delays in motor, social and communication skills — suggesting that improvements to this test and others may help clinicians pick up on these signs. The findings appear today in Pediatrics. The test, called the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT) has been shown to […]

Harvard Health: Could medications contribute to dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses that cause dementia are devastating, not only for those affected but also for their friends and family. For most forms of dementia, there is no highly effective treatment. For example, available treatments for Alzheimer’s disease may slow the deterioration a bit, but they don’t reverse the condition. In fact, for […]

Quanta Magazine: How brain waves surf sound waves to process speech

When he talks about where his fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology have taken a wrong turn, David Poeppel of New York University doesn’t mince words. “There’s an orgy of data but very little understanding,” he said to a packed room at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in February. (May 22, […]

Medical Xpress: Subtle hearing loss while young changes brain function, study finds

Cranking up your headphones or scrambling for a front-row spot at rock shows could be damaging more than your hearing. New research from The Ohio State University has found that young people with subtle hearing loss—the kind they aren’t even aware of—are putting demands on their brains that typically wouldn’t be seen until later in […]

Science Daily: Mechanisms of harmful overhydration and brain swelling

We are all familiar with the drawbacks of dehydration, but we rarely hear about the harmful effects of overhydration. Scientists have now uncovered a key piece to the puzzle of how our brains detect hyponatremia and regulate overhydration. The new study unearths the fundamental mechanism of how hyponatremia is detected in the brain. (May 22, […]