June 2018

News-Medical: Neuroscientists map feeling of cool touch to the brain’s insula in mouse model

Carnegie Mellon University neuroscientists have mapped the feeling of cool touch to the brain’s insula in a mouse model. The findings, published in the June 15 issue of Journal of Comparative Neurology, provide an experimental model that will advance research into conditions like pain and hypersensitivity to cold and help researchers to continue to unravel […]

Science Alert: Scientists just discovered how water gets from blood into the brain

Scientists have identified the means by which water in our blood supply crosses over to the brain, where it becomes the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects one of our most precious organs. Scientists have identified the means by which water in our blood supply crosses over to the brain, where it becomes the cerebrospinal […]

Newsweek: Want to be more brave? The brain can edit memories to erase fear, study says

The practice of getting people to overcome their fears by facing them is a common technique in cognitive behavioral therapy. If someone is afraid of dogs, that person might slowly start to spend more time with them, until their fear subsides. Until now, neuroscientists were unsure of how this process played out in the brain. […]

Medical Xpress: Electrically stimulating the brain may restore movement after stroke

UC San Francisco scientists have improved mobility in rats that had experienced debilitating strokes by using electrical stimulation to restore a distinctive pattern of brain cell activity associated with efficient movement. The researchers say they plan to use the new findings to help develop brain implants that might one day restore motor function in human […]

CNN: WHO classifies ‘gaming disorder’ as mental health condition

Watching as a video game ensnares their child, many a parent has grumbled about “digital heroin,” likening the flashing images to one of the world’s most addictive substances. Now, they may have backup: The World Health Organization announced “gaming disorder” as a new mental health condition included in the 11th edition of its International Classification […]

Medical News Today: Are gut bacteria to blame for anxiety, depression in obesity?

Obesity brought on by a high-fat diet might be accompanied by changes in gut bacteria that alter brain chemistry in such a way as to promote anxiety and depression. This was the conclusion that researchers from the Joslin Diabetes Center of Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, and colleagues came to after studying the link […]

Brain Blogger: How weather influences the brain?

We all know that the weather can strongly influence our mood and productivity. Many people feel better when the weather is nice and sunny. It is thus not surprising that people more often feel unhappy and depressed in winter. There is even a medical condition known as winter depression. Still, some researchers believe that our […]

Live Science: Your gut remembers where you had a good meal

Your brain forms new memories all the time — and your gut might help that happen. The gut-brain connection is mostly known for its role in controlling the amount of food we eat, with the gut signaling to the brain when we’ve had enough. But a new study published June 5 in the journal Nature […]

The Health Site: This is how childhood stress impacts brain’s growth

In contrast, researchers of Radboud University concluded that stress experienced later in life leads to slower maturation of the adolescent brain. The researchers investigated two types of stressors – negative life events and negative influences from the social environment – in two life stages of their subjects: early childhood (0-5 years) and adolescence (14-17 years). […]