July 2018

Medical Xpress: Past experiences shape what we see more than what we are looking at now

A rope coiled on dusty trail may trigger a frightened jump by hiker who recently stepped on a snake. Now a new study better explains how a one-time visual experience can shape perceptions afterward. Led by neuroscientists from NYU School of Medicine and published online July 31 in eLife, the study argues that humans recognize […]

Science Daily: A brain injury diagnosed with a single drop of blood

Every year, millions of people are admitted into hospitals for suspected mild traumatic brain injury cases. Today, the only reliable diagnosis is the CT Scan, which is only available in some hospitals and exposes patients to radiation. Researchers have now developed a small device that analyzes the level of proteins in the blood and allows, […]

Newsweek: What is acetyl-L-carnitine? Depression linked to low levels of brain molecule

Depression could one day be diagnosed with a blood test, according to a study that has found a link between depression and a molecule in the body. A team of U.S. researchers found patients with major depressive disorder have lower levels of a molecule called acetyl-L-carnitine (LAC) in their blood. Major depressive disorder, also known […]

Earth: How does the brain stay awake during the day?

A new study from the Society for Neuroscience has found a brain pathway that is responsible for keeping animals awake during the day. According to experts, sleep is practically universal among animals. The exact purpose of sleep remains a mystery, and there are many theories about why it is so essential to our health. Biologists […]

Psychology Today: The neuroscience of smell memories linked to place and time

Can you recall a specific odor or scent that has the ‘spatiotemporal’ ability to transport you back in time and space to a very specific place from your past? Most of us have experienced how the unexpected whiff of a Proustian, Remembrance of Things Past, type of odor can instantly evoke flashbacks to somewhere long […]

NPR: Off your mental game? You could be mildly dehydrated

Was it hard to concentrate during that long meeting? Does the crossword seem a little tougher? You could be mildly dehydrated. A growing body of evidence finds that being just a little dehydrated is tied to a range of subtle effects — from mood changes to muddled thinking. “We find that when people are mildly […]

Science Daily: Brain game doesn’t offer brain gain

A new study led by a team of Western University neuroscientists has debunked claims that getting better at a brain training game can translate to improved performance in other, untrained cognitive tasks. This study, published in the journal Neuropsychologia, set out to test whether hours of ‘brain training’ in one game could give someone an […]