Brain Disease

Medical Daily: Music as medicine: Potential cure for PTSD in military, ADHD

Perhaps, you’ve found that exercising or cleaning the house is much easier when listening to catchy pop music? Or maybe the quality of reading and writing is higher when you have an orchestral instrumental playing in the background? It does appear to many of us that a certain soundtrack can ease the task at hand. […]

Medical Xpress: Brain SPECT imaging predicts outcomes in depressed patients

New research from the Amen Clinics shows that brain SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) imaging, a study that measures blood flow and activity patterns, identifies who is likely to get better from depression and who is not. The study is published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, because depression is a highly treatable risk […]

BBC News: Stem cell transplant ‘game changer’ for MS patients

Doctors say a stem cell transplant could be a “game changer” for many patients with multiple sclerosis. Results from an international trial show that it was able to stop the disease and improve symptoms. It involves wiping out a patient’s immune system using cancer drugs and then rebooting it with a stem cell transplant. (March […]

Harvard Health: Staving off dementia when you have mild cognitive impairment

Will I get dementia? That common question takes on urgency if you have mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a slight but noticeable change in memory and thinking skills. But the progression from MCI to dementia is not automatic. In fact, MCI is not always permanent. “It depends on the underlying cause,” says Dr. Joel Salinas, a […]

NPR: Harvard brain collection will help scientists dive inside eating disorders

Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating affect tens of millions of Americans, but eating disorders remain very difficult to treat, in part because it’s not clear what goes wrong in the brain. “We don’t really have a lot of information on what kind of brain changes, what kind of underlying pathology may be not only contributing […]

Reuters: Drinking problems tied to higher risk of early dementia

Heavy drinkers may be more likely than other adults to develop dementia, especially in middle age, a French study suggests. For the study, researchers examined data from 2008-2013 on more than 31 million French hospital patients, including more than 1 million who were diagnosed with dementia. About 5 percent of the dementia patients had so-called […]

CNN: Daytime drowsiness increases risk of Alzheimer’s in elderly, study says

Poor sleep and the risk of dementia go hand in hand, but no one knew which came first. In what researchers say is the first study of its kind, a study published Monday in the journal JAMA Neurology shows that excessive daytime sleepiness in cognitively normal elderly leads to a buildup of a plaque in […]