Brain Disease

Global News: Women make up 72 per cent of Alzheimer’s patients: Alzheimer Society of Canada

Women represent 72 per cent of Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. They’re your mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers and friends, the national organization says. On Tuesday, to kick off Alzheimer Awareness Month, the society launched its latest nationwide campaign – dubbed “The 72%.” It’s hoping to inform women in […]

Medical Xpress: Study pinpoints autism-linked protein for sculpting brain connections

Shortly after birth, human brains expand rapidly with the experience of an entirely new world. During this period, neurons in the newborn brain compete with one another to form lasting connections, called synapses. A new study by Duke Researchers provides a close-up of synapse refinement and identifies a protein that is crucial in this process. […]

The Meadville Tribune: Paging Dr. Pepper: Is soda a treatment for kids with ADHD?

New research has found the Dr. Pepper may be a good option to help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) focus. Parents of children with ADHD may have known for years that soda can help curb behaviors in ADHD children. A quick search of the Internet shows a plethora of parents’ blogs touting how […]

Science Daily: Study quantifies effect of depressive thoughts on memory

For people with depressed mood, memory and concentration difficulties are often a day-to-day reality, greatly affecting job performance and personal relationships. While those with the disorder report that these cognitive problems are some of the most deeply troubling, previous studies have been unable to observe this phenomenon in a laboratory setting. In a study published […]

Reuters: Breaking the law may be a sign of dementia

Criminal behavior in older adults, including theft, traffic violations, sexual advances, trespassing, and public urination, may be a sign of dementia, researchers say. There is a subgroup of people, especially older adults who are first-time offenders, who may have a degenerative brain disease underlying their criminal behavior, said Dr. Georges Naasan of the Memory and […]

Deseret News: researchers study effects of creatine on teens dealing with depression

Clinical trials at the University of Utah, Brain Institute are underway to test the effectiveness of a therapeutic tool, an amino acid called creatine to treat depression. Athletes have used it for decades as a supplement to increase muscle strength. But it appears the brain likes and needs the stuff as well. Now in the […]

Dallas News: Looking for hope for brain injuries, Alzheimer’s and more

It’s a time of year when people look forward to great things to come in the year ahead. So we asked three local researchers about the future of medicine. Here’s what they said about some big scientific breakthroughs happening in North Texas. (January 5, 2015) Read the full article here

Tech Times: Using Stem Cells to Learn How to Help Treat Dementia

Stem cells taken from people with an inherited type of dementia have been cultured in a lab with a hope of identifying possible new treatments, researchers in Belguim say. Studying the stem cells with a mutation that predisposes people to development of frontotemporal dementia — a form of the condition found in about half the […]

Huffington Post: Pets May Help Improve Social Skills Of Children With Autism

Having a family pet can be beneficial for child development in a number of ways, including keeping kids active and promoting empathy, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. But dogs may be particularly beneficial for kids with autism, acting as a “social lubricant” that helps them build assertiveness and confidence in their interactions with others, […]