Brain Disease

News Medical: BU Researchers Find Possible Way To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Boston University School of Medicine researchers may have found a way to delay or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD). They discovered that pre-treatment of neurons with the anti-aging protein Klotho can prevent neuron death in the presence of the toxic amyloid protein and glutamate. These findings currently appear in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Alzheimer’s […]

Play Attention: ADHD ‘Inextricably’ Linked to Substance Abuse

The journal Pediatrics published a study (June 30) which found that children with ADHD are 2 times more likely to meet diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence and more than 2.5 times more likely to develop a substance use disorder (SUD). Additionally, ADHD children are twice as likely to develop cocaine abuse or dependence. […]

The Notice: New Brain Protein Tied To Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have linked a new protein to Alzheimer’s disease, different from the amyloid and tau that make up the sticky brain plaques and tangles long known to be its hallmarks. The discovery could give a new target for developing drugs and other treatments for Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia. It also might help […]

University of Cincinnati Health News: Metastatic Brain Tumor Treatment Could Be On The Horizon With SapC-DOPS Use

A new Cincinnati Cancer Center (CCC) study published in the advance online edition of the journal Oncotarget, provides hope that previously studied SapC-DOPS could be used for treatment of metatastic brain cancer that has spread. Lead researcher Xiaoyang Qi, described stated the “results support the potential of SapC-DOPS for the diagnosis and therapy of primary […]

News Medical: Treating Obesity With Therapies Aimed At Areas of Brain

Unlocking the secrets to better treating the pernicious disorders of obesity and dementia reside in the brain, according to a paper from American University’s Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. In the paper, researchers make the case for treating obesity with therapies aimed at areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Furthermore, treatments that focus […]

The Atlantic: On Campus, Young Veterans Are Learning How To Be Millenials

Millennials are lazy. Millennials are privileged, overeducated, and basking in an extended adolescence. Millennials will earn less than their parents. They’re anxious. They’re entitled. Ask anyone. Ask The New York Times. Or ask James Cetto, a former Marine. He was born in the 80s, when the American image of war looked like Tom Cruise playing […]

Medical Xpress: Detecting concussion-related brain disease in its earliest stages

Autopsies have shown that some high-profile athletes who suffered repeated blows to the head during their careers have unusual protein clumps in their brains. Those clumps suggest the athletes had a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Now, scientists are working on tests that might be able to detect CTE in its earliest stages, according […]

Science Daily: Stampede supercomputer used to study common link between addiction, neurological disease

The XSEDE-allocated Stampede supercomputer has been used to study the dopamine transporter. Stampede is ranked seventh on the Top 500 list of supercomputers. Its research links altered dopamine signaling and dopamine transporter function to neurological and psychiatric diseases including early-onset Parkinsonism, ADHD, and cocaine addiction. (July 22, 2014) Read the full article here