Brain Disease

BBC News: Parkinson’s disease ‘may’ start in gut

The brain disease Parkinson’s may actually start in the depths of the digestive system, US scientists say. In their study, people whose appendix had been removed were less likely to develop the neurodegenerative disease.And the appendix, long thought of as pointless in the human body, contained the substance that kills brain cells. (October 31, 2018) […]

New Atlas: New research affirms potential of eye scans to detect Alzheimer’s disease early

Over the last few years, many researchers have been working to find ways to identify Alzheimer’s disease in its earliest stages, before major symptoms develop. Research has begun to suggest that certain signs of deterioration in the retina could mirror early neurodegeneration, and new research presented at the recent Annual Meeting of the American Academy […]

NPR: When adolescents give up pot, their cognition quickly improves

Marijuana, it seems, is not a performance-enhancing drug. That is, at least, not among young people, and not when the activity is learning. A study published Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry finds that when adolescents stop using marijuana – even for just one week – their verbal learning and memory improves. The study […]

Medical Xpress: Bigger brains mean bigger risk of cancer

It may simply be that having a big brain is itself the cause. That’s what doctor and Ph.D. candidate Even Hovig Fyllingen at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has determined with his research colleagues. “Aggressive brain cancer is a rare type of cancer, but once you have it, the chance of survival […]

News-Medical: Does type 2 diabetes increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?

There are many risk factors for dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. A majority of these are the same for cerebrovascular and cardiovascular pathologies, including obesity, hypertension (elevated blood pressure), hypercholesterolemia (elevated blood cholesterol), high sodium intake, and hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar levels). One major risk factor, therefore, for Alzheimer’s and dementia in general is type-2 diabetes […]

NPR: The underestimated cerebellum gains new respect from brain scientists

An ancient part of the brain long ignored by the scientific world appears to play a critical role in everything from language and emotions to daily planning. It’s the cerebellum, which is found in fish and lizards as well as people. But in the human brain, this structure is wired to areas involved in higher-order […]

U.S. News & World Report: Gene therapy for parkinson’s symptoms shows promise

A new gene therapy might help improve motor symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease who aren’t responding to other therapies, an early study has found. “This is not a cure of Parkinson’s disease,” said James Beck, chief scientific officer of the Parkinson’s Foundation. “This is a potentially good treatment for symptom control. It provides an […]