Brain Disease

Reuters: Losing a spouse late in life linked to cognitive decline

Older adults who lose a spouse may be more vulnerable to cognitive decline in subsequent years and require extra support and monitoring, researchers say. In the study of nearly 7,000 middle aged and older men and women, cognitive functioning declined over time for everyone, but it degraded slightly more and slightly faster for those who […]

Scientific American: Some mutations tied to autism may be passed down from fathers

Some children with autism carry rare mutations in DNA segments that flank genes and control their expression—and they tend to inherit these mutations from their unaffected fathers, according to a study published today in Science. The finding is unexpected because most studies implicate mutations inherited from mothers in autism risk. For this reason, some experts […]

News-Medical: Functional connectivity MRI could help detect brain disorders and diseases

There are no laboratory tests to diagnose migraines, depression, bipolar disorder and many other ailments of the brain. Doctors typically gauge such illnesses based on self-reported symptoms and behavior. Now, a new study shows that a kind of brain scan called functional connectivity MRI (fcMRI) – which shows how brain regions interact – can reliably […]

Science Daily: Possible novel method for stopping untreatable pediatric brain cancers

Researchers used an experimental molecular therapy in preclinical laboratory tests to effectively treat several types of deadly pediatric brain cancer and now propose advancing the treatment to clinical testing in children. Scientists report testing the small molecule 6-thio-2’deoxyguanosine (6-thio-dG) in brain cancer stem cells derived from tumor cells donated by patients. (April 17, 2018) Read […]

Medical Xpress: ALS treatment delays disease and extends life in rats

Investigators at Cedars-Sinai are exploring a new way to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by transplanting specially engineered neural cells into the brain. Their new study shows the transplanted cells delayed disease progression and extended survival in animal models. (April 18, 2018) Read the full article here

Science Daily: Depression study pinpoints genes that may trigger the condition

Nearly 80 genes that could be linked to depression have been discovered by scientists. The findings could help explain why some people may be at a higher risk of developing the condition, researchers say. The study could also help researchers develop drugs to tackle mental ill-health, experts say. (April 16, 2018) Read the full article […]