Brain Education

New York Times: Early Fitness Can Improve the Middle-Age Brain

The more physically active you are at age 25, the better your thinking tends to be when you reach middle age, according to a large-scale new study. Encouragingly, the findings also suggest that if you negligently neglected to exercise when young, you can start now and still improve the health of your brain. Those of […]

SFGate: Creating video games to improve mental health

The game seems pretty simple. An alien-looking creature stands on a block of ice that’s flowing down a river. The goal is to maneuver the ice around whales and other hurdles and periodically cause the alien to “jump” to grab green fish as they leap out of the water. The game is played on a tablet, […]

NPR: Learning A New Skill Works Best To Keep Your Brain Sharp

The greatest improvement was for the people who learned digital photography and Photoshop — perhaps, Park says, because it was the most difficult. Jimmy Wilson, 82, agreed to learn to use a computer, a camera and Photoshop for the trial. “That was really quite a challenge for me when I got into the photo class,” […]

abc 7: Smart schools, smart students

“They have information at their fingertips, more information than we had growing up, but they don’t know what to do with it,” Jacque Gamino, PhD, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Center for BrainHealth, The University of Texas at Dallas, told Ivanhoe. Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman believes technology can work against students. “We’re literally building an ADHD brain by […]

Boston Globe: MIT brain game leads to neural circuit, scientific paper

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and more than 2,000 coauthors known only by online handles such as “crazyman4865,” “magret,” and “Riley_Light” on Sunday reported a new map of a neural circuit in the eye that helps detect movement. The paper published in the journal Nature is the first report from EyeWire, a citizen […]

Wired: Inside the Strange New World of DIY Brain Stimulation

Though these are still early days for the research—many of the studies are small and the effects modest—it has inspired largely enthusiastic media coverage (“the electric thinking cap that makes you cleverer … and happier!” one British newspaper gushed) and spawned a community of DIY brain zappers. Williams is one of its leaders. The treatments […]

Scientific Computing: FDA Approval of Video Games to Improve Cognition in Older People

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2014 keynote, “Video Games and the Future of Cognitive Enhancement” by Dr. Adam Gazzaley, an Associate Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, addressed the goal of improving quality of life as people age. Scientists have found that playing video games improves users’ mental speed and agility in real […]

Washington Post: Here’s how we should regulate brain enhancement devices

To answer that question, the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford assembled a team of interdisciplinary researchers led by Hannah Maslen, a research fellow in ethics at the Oxford Martin School, who focuses on the ethical, legal and social implications of brain intervention technologies. The goal was to come up with a regulatory […]

NTD: ‘Gist Reasoning Training’ Makes You Smarter

Called “Gist reasoning training,” the program developed out of the University of Texas at Dallas goes beyond standard memory recall and information processing tests and improves cognitive performance by challenging the brain in areas like strategic attention, integrated reasoning and innovation, they claim. To start, participants — who ranged from teenagers and healthy adults to […]

Psych Central: Strategic Cognitive Training May Boost Performance

A new study by the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas suggests strategic training has the potential to enhance cognitive performance. In the review, researchers compared a gist-reasoning strategy-training program to memory training in populations ranging from teenagers to healthy older adults, as well as for individuals with brain injury to […]