Brain Education

Science Daily: It’s official — spending time outside is good for you

Living close to nature and spending time outside has significant and wide-ranging health benefits — according to new research. A new report reveals that exposure to greenspace reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and high blood pressure. (July 6, 2018) Read the full article here

Reuters: Minor stroke needs quick medical attention, too

Minor strokes and “mini-strokes,” or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), need early medical attention, just like major strokes, but a public education campaign in the UK had little success convincing the public to act fast after these events. “Although the campaign worked well for behavior after more major stroke, patients were still slow to act on, […]

News-Medical: Researchers unravel molecular code that shapes complex networks in the brain

The brain is an enormously complex organ. Understanding how billions of brain cells succeed in making precise connections is a major challenge for neuroscientists. Professor Joris de Wit and his team (VIB-KU Leuven) have unraveled a molecular code that determines the shape, location and function of connections between individual neurons. These findings could help us […]

New Scientist: Wearing a tie may be restricting blood flow to your brain

Time to say bye to your tie? The businesswear staple reduces blood flow to the brain by squashing veins in the neck, research suggests. Robin Lüddecke at University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany and his colleagues scanned the brains of 15 healthy young men before and after they put on a tie. Each participant was instructed […]

New Scientist: The brain’s secret powerhouse that makes us who we are

Recently, it has become clear that the cerebellum is far from a bit player in the story of humankind. Neuroscientists are starting to suspect that this little cauliflower-shaped orb at the back of our head, which is packed with more neurons than all the other brain regions put together and home to a superfast wiring […]

Reuters: Maintaining healthy vision may help keep brain in shape, too

Waning eyesight may hasten the pace of cognitive decline in older people, suggests a U.S. study. The results suggest that vision fixes, like a new eyeglass prescription or surgery to remove cataracts, can go a long way toward helping older people stay mentally sharp, said lead author D. Diane Zheng of the University of Miami […]

Medical Xpress: New research detects brain cell that improves learning

The workings of memory and learning have yet to be clarified, especially at the neural circuitry level. But researchers at Uppsala University and Brazilian collaborators have discovered a specific brain neuron with a central role in learning. This study, published in Neuron, may have a bearing on the potential for counteracting memory loss in Alzheimer’s […]