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Science Blog: Study shows where brain transforms seeing into doing

You see the flour in the pantry, so you reach for it. You see the traffic light change to green, so you step on the gas. While the link between seeing and then moving in response is simple and essential to everyday existence, neuroscientists haven’t been able to get beyond debating where the link is […]

Science Daily: Teens with concussion may benefit from earlier physical therapy

For adolescents with symptoms following a concussion, starting physical therapy (PT) earlier — within less than three weeks after the injury — provides outcomes similar to those of later PT, suggests a study in the July issue of The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT). “Multimodal PT interventions administered by licensed physical therapists may be […]

Medical News Today: Aging, obesity may prime the brain for Alzheimer’s

According to a new study, the effects of natural aging processes, combined with those of obesity and a poor diet, affect certain brain mechanisms, thereby boosting the risk of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition that is characterized primarily by memory loss and impaired cognition. (July 2, 2018) Read the full article here

Medical Xpress: Reward and unease are closely linked in the brain

Mice that lack a certain receptor in the brain are attracted to situations associated with discomfort, such as inflammation and nausea, according to a new study from Linköping University, Sweden. The finding has been published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. (July 2, 2018) Read the full article here

Psychology Today: A little chaos with your coffee?

Any serious coffee drinker can offer abundant anecdotal proof of the power of caffeine to boost our information processing abilities.  Who hasn’t at one time or another been hopelessly stalled in the middle of some important project, only to reach for the nearest cup of coffee (or tea, or caffeinated soda), and ride the caffeine […]

Psych Central: If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it: 4 tips for aging well

Put simply, dementia is a decline of the mental faculties we so take for granted when we are young. According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, to be diagnosed, a person must show decline or adverse changes in two of the following: Memory, Language, Thinking, Judgment and/or Behavior. The Merck Manual states that approximately 5 percent of […]

Medical News Today: Low B-12 and folate levels in mature adults ‘of concern’

A large population study conducted in Ireland has found that a worrying number of adults aged 50 and over have vitamin B-12 and folate deficiencies, which may expose them to poor health in the long run. Researchers from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland have analyzed the medical […]

News-Medical: Researchers discover how behavior is organized in the brain

Driving to work, typing an email or playing a round of golf–people perform actions such as these throughout the day. But neuroscientists are still unsure how the brain orchestrates complex actions or switches to a new action–behaviors that are impaired in disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). (June 29, 2018) Read the […]