Brain Health

NPR: In memory training smackdown, one method dominates

When it comes to brain training, some workouts seem to work better than others. A comparison of the two most common training methods scientists use to improve memory and attention found that one was twice as effective as the other. The more effective method also changed brain activity in a part of the brain involved […]

Live Science: When your body needs nourishment, your brain eats first

Even if you’re a generous person who believes in sharing, helping the needy and spreading wealth, your brain is a selfish glutton. Sometimes your body will find itself in a real pickle: Both your brain and your muscles need to work hard, but you just can’t handle running both systems at once. New research published […]

Futurism: Scientists developed a way to precisely edit genes in the human brain

Technologies designed for editing the human genome are transforming biomedical science and providing us with relatively simple ways to modify and edit genes. However, precision editing has not been possible for cells that have stopped dividing, including mature neurons. This has meant that gene editing has been of limited use in neurological research — until […]

Medical News Bulletin: Does happy music help creativity in problem solving?

A recent study examines whether happy music helps creativity during problem-solving by comparing four types of musical selections.  Divergent and convergent thinking are two poles on a spectrum of cognitive approaches to problems. On the divergent end, there is a problem and the thinker seeks to generate multiple solutions.  Activities that trigger divergent thinking include […]

Medical Xpress: Brain training can improve our understanding of speech in noisy places

For many people with hearing challenges, trying to follow a conversation in a crowded restaurant or other noisy venue is a major struggle, even with hearing aids. Now researchers reporting in Current Biology on October 19th have some good news: time spent playing a specially designed, brain-training audiogame could help. (October 19, 2017) Read the […]

Futurism: Here’s how sleeping too little literally transforms your brain

You’ve likely noticed your brain moving a bit slowly after a night of too little sleep. However, a substandard amount of shut-eye has greater consequences than feeling tired and irritable the following day. Research into how sleep affects the brain suggests that the amount of rest we get is of utmost importance. (October 19, 2017) […]

Medical News Today: Researchers reveal how to boost brain power

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have found that one brain-training method often used in scientific studies can help to improve working memory. Our working memory is what we use on a day-to-day basis, especially at school or in a work context. It refers to our ability to pick up new information and adapt our responses […]

Medical News Today: When it comes to rewards, the brain prefers not to wait

Our brains assess the pros and cons of thousands of situations every day, and this mostly occurs without our conscious brains being involved. Breaking research looks at how long waiting times influence reward pathways. The nucleus accumbens is a tiny group of cells that lie deep in the center of our brains, and it releases […]

Science Daily: Nature or nurture? Innate social behaviors in the mouse brain

Adult male mice have a simple repertoire of innate, or instinctive, social behaviors: When encountering a female, a male mouse will try to mate with it, and when encountering another male, the mouse will attack. The animals do not have to be taught to perform these behaviors. This has led to the widespread presumption among […]