Brain Health

New Scientist: Can’t stop procrastinating? Try cognitive behaviour therapy

Ever find yourself doing just about any other task to avoid doing something more urgent or important? Cognitive behavioural therapy may help. “Everybody procrastinates,” says Alexander Rozental at Stockholm University in Sweden. “It’s an everyday phenomenon. Usually it doesn’t cause more than annoyance and frustration.” (August 18, 2017) Read the full article here

Medical News Today: White matter: The brain’s flexible but underrated superhighway

Historically, gray matter was typically considered the brain’s organ grinder, and white matter was just the monkey. But in recent years, it has become clear that the monkey is just as important as its master. Our exquisitely folded gray matter has long been the show pony of the brain; it deals with the heavy number-crunching […]

U.S. News & World Report: Givers really are happier than takers

Generosity really is its own reward, with the brain seemingly hardwired for happiness in response to giving, new research suggests. Scientists in Switzerland used brain scans to track activity in brain regions associated with socializing, decision-making and happiness. They found that even small acts of generosity — or just promising to be charitable — triggered […]

Science Daily: Cognitive abilities seem to reinforce each other in adolescence

One of the most striking findings in psychology is that almost all cognitive abilities are positively related, which allows researchers to summarize people’s skills on a wide range of domains as one factor, known as ‘g’ or ‘general intelligence.’ Despite this, the mechanisms underlying ‘g’ remain somewhat mysterious. In a new study, scientists use longitudinal […]

Inc.: How to make your brain more resilient while you sleep, according to neuroscientists

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: A neuroscientist, a Greek philosopher, and a Tibetan monk walk into a bar. They start talking together and all of them agree on one thing: that it’s really good idea to take control of your dreams while you’re asleep. According to numerous authorities, learning to remain conscious that you’re […]

Reuters: Marijuana use holds three-fold blood pressure death risk: study

People who smoke marijuana have a three times greater risk of dying from hypertension, or high blood pressure, than those who have never used the drug, scientists said on Wednesday. The risk grows with every year of use, they said. The findings, from a study of some 1,200 people, could have implications in the United […]

UPI: Study suggests yoga may boost the brain for older women

Older women who practice yoga may have greater “thickness” in areas of the brain involved in memory and attention, a small study suggests. Researchers found that even compared with other healthy, active women their age, yoga practitioners typically had greater cortical thickness in the brain’s left prefrontal cortex. (August 9, 2017) Read the full article […]