Brain Health

Medical Xpress: Neuroscience research provides evidence the brain is strobing, not constant

t’s not just our eyes that play tricks on us, but our ears. That’s the finding of a landmark Australian-Italian collaboration that provides new evidence that oscillations, or ‘strobes’, are a general feature of human perception. While our conscious experience appears to be continuous, the University of Sydney and Italian universities study suggests that perception […]

Medical News Today: Aerobic exercise: ‘A maintenance program for the brain’

A new study finds that aerobic exercise slows down decreasing brain size in older age, helping to maintain cognitive function. Aerobic exercise is a type of workout that increases the heartbeat and stimulates it to pump more oxygen through the body, yet it doesn’t immediately produce shortness of breath. Some examples of aerobic exercise include […]

U.S. News & World Report: Health tip: Hearing loss may affect brain health

About a third of people aged 65 to 74 are affected by hearing loss, as are about half of those 75 and older, the U.S. National Institute on Aging says. Aside from missing out on spirited conversation, hearing loss can affect the health of your brain, the agency says. A 2011 study funded by the […]

Science Daily: Consuming nuts strengthens brainwave function

A new study by researchers at Loma Linda University Health has found that eating nuts on a regular basis strengthens brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, healing, learning, memory and other key brain functions. An abstract of the study — which was presented in the nutrition section of the Experimental Biology 2017 meetings in San Diego, […]

Live Science: How your brain wiring drives social interactions

Humans and many other animals express a range of social behaviors, from cooperation to aggression. But as innate as these behaviors may be, little is known about which brain regions control them. But now, new tools can probe the brains of living animals while they are engaged in social interactions, providing insights into how the […]

Science Daily: Cognitive training enhanced innovative thinking and brain networks in older adults

Researchers have demonstrated in a pilot study that cognitive training improves innovative thinking, along with corresponding positive brain changes, in healthy adults over the age of 55. The study reveals that a specific strategic cognitive training program enhanced innovation in healthy adults. The study, published recently in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, reveals that a specific […]

Newsweek: Brain enhancement: Exercise literally makes it grow bigger

There’s no shortage of supplements promising to boost your brain power, but a new study indicates you don’t have to turn to Ginkgo Biloba for mental health. Instead, exercising a few days a week could improve memory and slow the signs of aging. Research in lab animals has shown that physical activity can increase hippocampal […]

Science Daily: Bear or chipmunk? Engineer finds how brain encodes sounds

When you are out in the woods and hear a cracking sound, your brain needs to process quickly whether the sound is coming from, say, a bear or a chipmunk. A biomedical engineer now has a new interpretation for an old observation, debunking an established theory in the process. Dennis Barbour, MD, PhD, associate professor […]