Brain Health

Science Daily: Imagining an object can change how we hear sounds later

Seeing an object at the same time that you hear sound coming from somewhere else can lead to the “ventriloquist illusion” and its aftereffect, but research suggests that simply imagining the object produces the same illusory results. The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. (April 12, 2018) […]

Science Daily: Does physical activity influence the health of future offspring?

Physical and mental exercise is not only beneficial for your own brain, but can also affect the learning ability of future offspring – at least in mice. This particular form of inheritance is mediated by certain RNA molecules that influence gene activity. These molecules accumulate in both the brain and germ cells following physical and […]

Wired: New brain maps with unmatched detail may change neuroscience

Sitting at the desk in his lower-campus office at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the neuroscientist Tony Zador turned his computer monitor toward me to show off a complicated matrix-style graph. Imagine something that looks like a spreadsheet but instead of numbers it’s filled with colors of varying hues and gradations. (April 8, 2018) Read the […]

Medical Daily: Do you take unnecessary risks? Your brain structure could be to blame

Risk propensity, or the degree to which a person is willing to take a chance with respect to possible loss, is viewed as a necessary attribute for successful entrepreneurs. But excessive or unnecessary risk-taking can have negative consequences, potentially leading to financial loss, gambling disorders, legal issues and strained relationships, among other things. (April 9, […]

Science Daily: Negative fateful life events and the brains of middle-aged men

Conflict, a death in the family, financial hardship and serious medical crises are all associated with accelerated physical aging. In a new study, researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine found that such negative fateful life events — or FLEs — appear to also specifically accelerate aging in the brain. (April […]

Today: Drink wine and 12 more tips for a sharper brain

With a blood pressure cuff, a scale and a blood draw, your doctor can tell a lot about your heart health. It’s not that easy to do a brain check: There are no simple tools for gauging your gray matter. Scientists can look inside, though, and what they see isn’t always pretty. (April 5, 2018) […]