Brain Health

Forbes: How to make every day a ‘good brain day’

Ever wonder why some days you have bags of energy and feel super-productive, making decisions with ease and brimming over with creative ideas? And on others, you struggle to think with clarity and feel mentally and physically sluggish? Sometimes, you might be aware there’s an obvious reason: a bad cold or a hangover. But at […]

New Scientist: Your brain absolutely cannot resist doughnuts – here’s why

Doughnuts are particularly difficult to resist – and now we know why. A study of how our brains respond to food has found that treats that are high in both carbs and fats trigger a super-charged amount of activity in our brain’s reward centre. Dana Small at Yale University and colleagues scanned the brain activity […]

NBC News: How to improve your memory, according to neuroscience

Why is it that you can perfectly recite the words to *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye,” but can’t remember the title of the new TV show you started watching on Netflix and wanted to tell your coworker about? We remember things because they either stand out, they relate to and can easily be integrated in our […]

Medical Xpress: Brain secrets that flow in our blood

Our blood can be used to uncover genetic secrets inside the brain, according to University of Queensland research. A team led by Professor Jian Yang from UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience and Queensland Brain Institute, and Dr Ting Qi from the Institute for Molecular Biosciences, discovered blood samples can be used to identify gene targets […]

New Scientist: The brain has a special clock that tracks sleepiness

You are feeling sleepy – but why? Researchers have discovered a chemical clock in the brain that builds up the desire to sleep. Qinghua Liu of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and colleagues have been studying mutant mice that are constantly sleepy. Comparing these to normal mice, they identified a set of proteins […]

Reliawire: People with higher empathy process music differently in the brain

Individuals who deeply grasp the pain or happiness of others also differ from others in the way their brains process music, a new study by researchers at Southern Methodist University, Dallas and UCLA suggests. The researchers found that compared to low empathy people, those with higher empathy process familiar music with greater involvement of the […]

Reuters: Diabetes, smoking linked to deposits in brain region tied to memory

People who smoke or have diabetes may be more likely to have calcium deposits in brain regions crucial for memory, a Dutch study suggests. The deposits were not associated with lower cognitive function, however. Researchers examined cognitive test results and brain scans for 1,991 patients visiting a memory clinic at a Dutch hospital from 2009 […]

Health Imaging: Researchers combine art, imaging to better understand the brain

A team of researchers from Auburn University in Alabama believe art classes can have a meaningful impact on the brain—and the may lead to deeper understanding of cognitive conditions such as depression. Barb Bondy, an Auburn University art professor, and Jeffrey Katz, a psychology professor, recently received a $90,000 grant from the National Endowment for […]

Medical News Today: Seven (or more) things you didn’t know about your brain

The brain — the central “control unit” of our bodies, repository of memories and emotions. Throughout history, philosophers have believed that the brain may even house that intangible essence that makes us human: the soul. What should we know about our brains? (June 8, 2018) Read the full article here