Brain Health

News-Medical: Research: Calculatory processes in the brain directly affected by language

People can intuitively recognize small numbers up to four; however, when calculating they depend on the assistance of language. In this respect, the fascinating research question ensues: how do multilingual people solve arithmetical tasks presented to them in different languages of which they have a very good command? (September 14, 2017) Read the full article […]

Medical News Today: Maladaptive daydreaming: Symptoms and management

Daydreaming is a regular part of daily life for most people. However, some individuals experience frequent and intrusive daydreams that can disrupt everyday tasks and their quality of life. This article will discuss what maladaptive daydreaming is, how to recognize it, and how it can be managed. (September 14, 2017) Read the full article here

Medical Xpress: Discovery of a new mechanism for controlling memory

Researchers in Bordeaux recently discovered a new mechanism for storing information in synapses and a means of controlling the storage process. The breakthrough moves science closer to unveiling the mystery of the molecular mechanisms of memory and learning processes. The research, carried out primarily by researchers at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neurosciences (CNRS/Université de Bordeaux) […]

Medical Xpress: 3-D protein structure offers insight into rapid communication by brain cells

New HHMI research reveals how three proteins help brain cells synchronize the release of chemical signals. A similar interaction may play a role in how cells secrete insulin and airway mucus, too. An intricate new three-dimensional protein structure is providing a detailed look into how brain cells communicate rapidly. (September 13, 2017) Read the full […]

News-Medical: Researchers discover genetic calendar of brain aging

The program controls how and when brain genes are expressed at different times in a person’s life to perform a range of functions, the study found. Experts say the timing is so precise that they can tell the age of a person by looking at the genes that are expressed in a sample of brain […]

Science News for Students: Brains may need flexible networks to learn well

Look inside the brain of someone learning. You just might be lucky enough to spy a new bridge between two nerve cells pop into existence. Called a synapse, this bridge cements new knowledge into the brain. As new information arrives, some synapses form and strengthen. At the same time, others weaken. But that’s okay. This […]

TIME: What your dreams actually mean, according to science

If dreams were movies, they wouldn’t make a dime. They’re often banal, frequently fleeting and they’re screened for an audience of just one. As for the storyline? You’re in a supermarket, only it’s also Yankee Stadium, shopping with your second-grade teacher until she turns into Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then you both shoot a bear in […]

Healthline: Your brain changes throughout your life

Researchers can now accurately estimate your age by looking at an image of your brain. That’s according to a recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. By analyzing brain scans of healthy adult volunteers, scientists in China found that significant changes occur in the brain from early to middle adulthood. This research […]

Medical News Today: Exercise may alter men’s food choices, but not women’s

Regular exercise and a healthful diet are key for maintaining good health. Now, a new study sheds light on how the former affects the latter, after finding that physical activity could alter men’s diet preferences. The diet preferences of women, however, are likely to remain unaffected by exercise, according to the findings. (September 9, 2017) […]