Brain Health

The Dallas Morning News: High-Stress Job? How To Stay Cool on the Clock

“Stress is higher than it’s ever been before,” says Cynthia Ackrill. “We have people who don’t have a strategy for dealing with what life throws at them.” Ackrill would know: She’s a stress expert and board member of the American Institute of Stress in Fort Worth, which conducts research on stress management and provides information […]

BBC News: Resilience: How To Train a Tougher Mind

Can you learn to be mentally tougher? Emma Young investigates the science of mindfulness and other techniques promising to foster resilience in the face of extreme stress. or scientists the concept of psychological resilience began in the 1970s with studies of children who did fine – or even well in life – despite significant early […]

The Sentinel: For Better Health: Brain Awareness is Key For Recognizing Alzheimer’s

Often people want to know what they can do to keep their brain fit, thinking that they can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. There is currently no way to prevent this devastating disease. However, the scientific community believes that lifestyle changes can impact brain health and healthy aging. Good health starts […]

The Sentinel: Movement is Medicine: Exercise and Intelligence

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the benefits of regular exercise go far beyond what was thought of conventionally. Of course exercise can help you lose weight, feel better, increase strength and reduce risk of injury. It also increases bone density, reduces anxiety, combats depression and prevents heart disease. But these are just some of the effects […]

U.S. News: Scientists Watch Imagination at Work in the Brain

Researchers say they’ve tracked specific activity in the human brain linked to imagining. It hasn’t been clear whether imagination and memory were distinct processes, so a team from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, decided to explore the issue. “I was thinking a lot about planning for my own future and imagining myself in the […]

Ivanhoe: Senior Moment or Dementia?

More than 35.6 million people worldwide have some form of dementia. It’s a frightening condition that can rob you of your most precious memories. However, just because you have memory trouble doesn’t mean you have dementia. Where did you put your keys? When did you say you’d meet? What’s that person’s name? Jennifer Alexander, 66 […]

Huffington Post: Improving Brain Fitness in the Growing NeuroEconomy

Studies have proven the benefits of physical fitness time and time again. However, doctors and scientists are now beginning to point out the oft overlooked aspect of brain fitness on a person’s overall health and success. Dr. Sean Orr, a neurologist who has worked with athletes, politicians, executives, entertainers and professionals from all industries, has […]

BBC News: Brain ‘Can Classify Words During Sleep’

The brain is still active while we are asleep, say scientists, who found people were able to classify words during their slumber. Researchers from Cambridge and Paris introduced participants to a word test while awake and found they continued to respond correctly while asleep. The sleeping brain can perform complex tasks, particularly if the task […]

TIME: The Power of Sleep

New research shows a good night’s rest isn’t a luxury–it’s critical for your brain and for your health. When our heads hit the pillow every night, we tend to think we’re surrendering. Not just to exhaustion, though there is that. We’re also surrendering our mind, taking leave of our focus on sensory cues, like noise […]

Lifehacker: Why Meditation Should Be Your Brain’s “Scheduled Maintenance”

Technically, sleep is already our brains’ regular scheduled maintenance, but if there were any other one thing you could do to improve your mental health, de-stress, and be more productive in all the right ways, meditation would be it, says author and correspondent Dan Harris. We’re no strangers to meditation around here. It’s not a […]