Brain Health

Science Daily: Could boosting brain cells’ appetites fight disease?

The key finding of new research from a University of Michigan Medical School physician scientist and his colleagues in California and the United Kingdom indicate that boosting cells’ natural ability to clean up abnormal proteins in the brain might hold the key to better treatment for conditions such as dementia and Lou Gehrig’s disease. The […]

Time: Less Sleep Pushes Your Brain to Age Faster

Researchers find connection between sleep deprivation and a marker of aging brains We know that sleep is important for a host of body functions, from weight control to brain activities, but the latest study hints that it may also keep aging processes in check. Scientists at the Duke-NUS Graduate School Singapore report in the journal Sleep that […]

National Journal: A Breakthrough in the Checkered History Of Brain Hacking

Scientists funded by the Defense Department have just announced a breakthrough that could allow researchers to create in 220 days an extremely detailed picture of the brain that previously would have taken 80 years of scans to complete. The military has been looking to build better brain hacks for decades with results that ranged form […]

HNGN: Research Says Overcorrection in Brain Leads to Addiction

Study lead Professor Scott Steffensen and his colleagues at Brigham Young University published three new scientific papers on brain mechanisms connected to  addictive substances. They stated that addiction should be treated like any other disease. “Addiction is a brain disease that could be treated like any other disease,” Steffensen said in a press release. “I wouldn’t […]

CNN: Dads’ brains are ready to bond with kids

It took less than half a second for Jeremy Hooper to fall in love with his little girl. He was with her mother for 24 hours in the hospital while she gave birth, and even cut the umbilical cord. He remembers waking up the first night his daughter cried, begging for a bottle. “She looked […]

Pro Health: Fish oil use associated with brain volume preservation

A report published on June 20, 2014 in Alzheimer’s & Dementia describes a protective effect for fish oil supplementation on the maintenance of brain volume and cognitive function in older men and women. The study included 193 Alzheimer’s disease patients, 397 individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and 229 cognitively normal individuals who participated in the Alzheimer’s […]

University Herald: Researchers Discover Brain Region Responsible For Hangovers

University of Utah researchers have discovered the area of the brain responsible for hangovers. Researchers said that lateral habenula gets triggered by bad experiences. When this part of the brain is damaged or chronically inactivated, people are driven to repeat unhealthy behaviours. Lateral habenula brain region is linked to depression, avoidance behaviors and hangover. A  Centers […]

Tech Times: Stress during childhood affects brain development

Severe stress during childhood including physical abuse, neglect and may poverty change parts of the brain associated with memory, learning and processing of emotion and stress. The achievement gap measured through elementary and middle school tests has caused a lot of debate but what experts must focus on is the first 1,000 days of children’s […]