Brain Health

WebMD: Blood Pressure History May Affect Brain in Old Age

A new study suggests that having low blood pressure in later years may be linked with worse memory, at least in those diagnosed with high blood pressure in middle age. On the other hand, researchers linked high blood pressure in later life with greater risk of brain lesions for people who didn’t have high blood pressure in their middle […]

Fox31: Exercising your brain can affect your entire body

Researchers say that’s what makes our brains stronger and helps protect us from brain diseases associated with aging. The findings of a new study presented this week in Scotland shows people who speak two or more languages have higher scores on mental skills tests as they age. The research includes 835 people born in 1936 […]

Forbes: The High-Tech Headband That Can Make Your Stressed Brain Happy Again

Muse is wearable technology, but it doesn’t create mind-blowing experiences. Just the opposite. Muse is a brain sensing headband that measures how overwhelmed your brain is from everything life throws at it — and it helps calm your mind and rid yourself of unproductive and unhealthy stress. This is just the beginning of what Muse can do. In […]

RunnersWorld: 20-Minute Workout Boosts Cognitive Ability

Different workouts have different short-term effects. If you want to feel the stress of a busy day gradually disappear, go on a relaxed trail run. If you’ve been dragging and want to jumpstart your central nervous system, sprint up a steep hill a few times. And if you want to be a little sharper for […]

BBC: Can brain training improve working memory?

About three children in every classroom have poor working memory. This means they find it hard to remember more than one or two things at a time. But scientists say brain training could be the answer to help people improve memory and even do better with their school work. Researchers have found that 80% of […]

Medical Xpress: Unlocking the potential of stem cells to repair brain damage

QUT scientist is hoping to unlock the potential of stem cells as a way of repairing neural damage to the brain. Rachel Okolicsanyi, from the Genomics Research Centre at QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, said unlike other cells in the body which were able to divide and replicate, once most types of brain cells died, […]

News-Medical: Brain circuitry rescues tongue while chewing

Eating, like breathing and sleeping, seems to be a rather basic biological task. Yet chewing requires a complex interplay between the tongue and jaw, with the tongue positioning food between the teeth and then moving out of the way every time the jaw clamps down to grind it up. If the act weren’t coordinated precisely, […]

Popular Mechanics: Study: Electrical Signals Can Regrow Brain Cells

Scientists have found a kind of brain cell in mice that can instruct stem cells to start making more neurons, according to a new study. In addition, they found that electrical signals could trigger this growth in rodents, raising the intriguing possibility that devices could one day help the human brain repair itself. The study appears […]

Science News: Stress and the susceptible brain

We all respond to stress in different ways. Some of us work harder. Others drink more or eat our feelings. Sometimes we experience sleep loss, heart palpitations or sweats. When the stress dissipates, many of us go back to our daily lives, none the worse for wear. We are resilient. But some people find that […]

Health Canal: Brain signals link physical fitness to better language skills in children

Children who are physically fit have faster and more robust neuro-electrical brain responses during reading than their less-fit peers, researchers report. These differences correspond with better language skills in the children who are more fit, and occur whether they’re reading straightforward sentences or sentences that contain errors of grammar or syntax. The new findings, reported […]