Brain Health

Medical Daily: 4 Intelligence Facts You Probably Had No Idea About

You can leave it to the know-it-all so many of us have encountered to prove that what you know doesn’t make you an intelligent person. In fact, what you know, which is based on the information you’ve accumulated through books, school, etc., is commonly referred to as crystallized intelligence. And it’s different from fluid intelligence, […]

PsychCentral: Heart Fitness Improves Brain Health

A new Canadian study suggests exercising to improve cardiovascular fitness may protect individuals from cognitive impairment associated with aging. “Our body’s arteries stiffen with age, and the vessel hardening is believed to begin in the aorta, the main vessel coming out of the heart, before reaching the brain,” said Claudine Gauthier, Ph.D., first author of […]

US News: When It Comes to a Growing Child, the Brain Comes First

Young children grow much more slowly than other mammals because their developing brains require so much energy to prepare for the challenges of later life, a new study contends. Researchers analyzed data from PET and MRI brain scans and found that enormous amounts of energy are used by the human brain in the first few […]

Science Daily: Learning By Watching, Toddlers Show Intuitive Understanding of Probability

Most people know children learn many skills simply by watching people around them. Without explicit instructions youngsters know to do things like press a button to operate the television and twist a knob to open a door. Now researchers have taken this further, finding that children as young as age 2 intuitively use mathematical concepts […]

The Globe and Mail: Your Brain Has Limited Capacity: Here’s How to Maximize It

As Levitin explains in his new book, The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload, the evolution of the human brain hasn’t caught up with the demands of today’s world. We’re now chasing deadlines instead of the quarry that will become our next meal. We’re keeping track of friends and acquaintances around […]

Newsworks: Taming Our Inner CEO to Find Creativity

Having mature frontal lobes are a huge part of what makes us human. It’s the major reason we’re able to control our impulses, plan our actions, filter out all the distractions, and basically not punch people in the face every time they annoy us. “And that is obviously good,” notes Thompson-Schill. “It’s good to have […]

NPR: Studying? Take a Break and Embrace Your Distractions

School is starting, and students across the country are about to spend a lot of time in the classroom and in the library. And as they crack their textbooks open, they’re going to hear a lot of familiar advice about how to study right. Sit still, in a quiet place. Avoid distractions. Keep your focus […]

NFL Notes: Heady Play by Tom Brady

Tom Brady is no different than most superstar athletes. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to improve his performance on the field. The past few years, that’s even meant using innovative methods to keep his brain in top shape. With the help of his longtime “body coach” Alex Guerrero, who has kept the Patriots […]

CTV News: Better Sleep Leads to Better Motor Learning, Study Shows

Amid mounting evidence of the important relationship between sleep and motor learning, researchers at the University of Montreal have identified areas of the brain that are critical in training the body’s movements and found these regions communicate better after a good night’s sleep. Although sleep is well-known in the scientific community to aid motor learning, […]

Newsweek: Is Emailing Your Brainwaves the Future of Communication?

Here’s something you probably didn’t expect in your inbox: Researchers have now developed a way to email brainwaves. A study published in PLOS One on Wednesday details how an international research team transmitted words from one person’s brain to another by mapping electrical currents in the brain and the spine. Scientists have been studying the […]