Brain Health

Forbes: Long-Term Shift Work Linked To Impaired Brain Function

According to results of a new study, long-term shift work may lead to impaired brain power which could involve cognitive skills such as thinking, reasoning and memory. The research was published online November 3 in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine. The impact was much greater after a period of 10 or more years of […]

Huffington Post: You Don’t Have To Hit The Gym To Get A Brain Boost

We know that exercise is good for the brain and body. But what kind of exercise might be best for improving cognitive function? A new study suggests that even mild physical activity can have a powerful effect on boosting brain power. Researchers from the Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal (IUGM), an institution affiliated with […]

Dallas Morning News: Is It Time For You to Take a ‘Digital Detox’?

Your smartphone vibrates: It’s a group text message from a friend about dinner. After responding, you flip through Instagram. No new photos, but three people liked the selfie you posted half an hour ago. You turn back to the Web browser where your live Twitter feed reveals two new tweets. You “favorite” one and retweet […]

Science 2.0: Aging Brains Aren’t Necessarily Declining Brains

For years, conventional wisdom held that growing older tends to be bad news for brains. Past behavioral data largely pointed to loss in cognitive – that is, thinking – abilities with age, including poorer memory and greater distractibility. Physical measures of brain structure also showed atrophy, or loss of volume, in many regions with age. […]

ABC: Chemical in Cocoa May Boost Brain Power

A chemical found in chocolate may improve brain function, according to a small new study released today by doctors at Columbia University.T heir research was partially funded by candy-maker Mars, Inc., and additionally supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the James S. McDonnell Foundation. In the study, the doctors looked at […]

Slate: Why Do Zombies Lumber?

In the movie Dawn of the Dead (1978) there is a scene when anarchist outlaws break into the mall that the movie’s heroes had secured and lived in for weeks. This invasion subsequently allows the horde of zombies—which had been aggregating outside—free range of the place. The humans are zipping around playing games while the zombies lumber […]

Johns Hopkins Newsletter: The Brain Wave: Research Shows Insight Into Learning and Memory

Learning and memory comprise a fundamental part of our lives, allowing us to keep up with changes in the environment and acquire new information about the world. It is well established that a brain region known as the hippocampus is important for such abilities. However, the mechanism governing hippocampal-dependent cognitive function remains elusive. Recently published […]

New York Times: This Is Your Brain on Drugs

The gray matter of the nucleus accumbens, the walnut-shaped pleasure center of the brain, was glowing like a flame, showing a notable increase in density. “It could mean that there’s some sort of drug learning taking place,” speculated Jodi Gilman, at her computer screen at the Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Center for Addiction Medicine. Was the […]

Science 2.0: We Can Restore Cognition By Manipulating Where The Body Meets The Mind

When we age our whole body gradually deteriorates. This includes our brains, where our personality, memories and personal values reside. It is therefore understandable that dementia and memory loss are some of the most devastating hallmarks of aging, for the elderly, their families, and the healthcare system. This is why researchers want to find ways […]

Dallas Morning News: Lyda Hill to get the Center for BrainHealth’s Legacy Award

The Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas will honor Lyda Hill at a dinner Nov. 11 at the Joule Hotel. The center’s Legacy Award is given each year for dedication to brain research. Hill is being recognized for her support of service men and women. “Lyda’s generosity is truly visionary,” event […]