Brain Health

BBC: ‘Scans chart how quickly babies’ brains grow’

Human brains grow most rapidly just after birth and reach half their adult size within three months, according to a study in JAMA Neurology. Using advanced scanning techniques, researchers found male brains grew more quickly than those of female infants. Areas involved in movement developed at the fastest pace. Those associated with memory grew more […]

New York Times: Hit The Reset Button In Your Brain

This month, many Americans will take time off from work to go on vacation, catch up on household projects and simply be with family and friends. And many of us will feel guilty for doing so. We will worry about all of the emails piling up at work, and in many cases continue to compulsively check […]

Huffington Post: Stress, The Brain And The Neuroscience Of Success

In the last 10 years, a new field of neuroscience has mapped the mental zone that can literally change the brain to quiet an overly active stress response system and simultaneously pave the way for higher brain networks to perform at optimum. The more we function from this mental zone, the less we stress, and […]

San Antonio Express-News: Stress-related Changes In Teens Might Heighten Depression Risk

A University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio researcher studied stress reactions within the brains of teens and discovered that small chemical changes to their DNA — which could be caused by stress during the teen’s life — might put them at greater risk for developing stress-related disorders such as depression. (August 10, […]

CommonHealth: Beyond Good And Evil: New Science Casts Light On Morality In The Brain

Harvard brain scientist Joshua Buckholtz has never forgotten a convict he met back when he was an undergrad conducting psychological tests in prisons. The man had beaten another man nearly to death for stepping on his foot in a dance club. “I wanted to ask him,” he recalls, “‘In what world was the reward of […]

Liberty Voice: Brain Of Humanities and Science Students May Be Different

A recent Japanese study from Tohoku University’s Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer showed evidence that the brains in science and humanities college students may be different in function. This was a somewhat large study, recently published in Brain Structure & Function, which examined 312 science students and 179 humanities students. (August 7, 2014) Read […]

TIME: Our Brain’s Immediately Judge People

Even if we cannot consciously see a person’s face, our brain is able to make a snap decision about how trustworthy they are. According to a new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the brain immediately determines how trustworthy a face is before it’s fully perceived, which supports the fact that we make very […]

Deseret News: Brain’s Reaction To Symbols Suggest We’re Hard-wired For God – Or Not

Reactions to visual depictions of Satan or of a Christian cross may be a product of education, but they also are conditioned deep in the brain, a new scientific study reveals. The results of the research by Dr. Andrew Newberg, a physician and director of research at Thomas Jefferson University’s Myrna Brind Center for Integrative […]

Real Clear Science: Why Can’t We Always Access Info In Our Brain’s?

Why can’t I list every book I know, but I can tell you if I own it? In other words, why is stored information in our brains often accessible only with a cue? The neurons of the brain form an interconnected system. Researchers have shown that individual neurons code for specific memories, but since certain […]