Brain Health

Medscape: Prenatal Smoking May Fuel Impulsivity In Offspring

Prenatal exposure to tobacco smoke appears to lead to alterations in the brain similar to those seen with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new study shows. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers from the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim/Heidelberg University, Germany, showed that young adults exposed to tobacco smoke in utero had less activity […]

The Telegraph: New Mothers Can Suffer With ‘Baby Brain’ Four Months After Birth

New mothers can suffer with ‘baby brain’ four months after birth experts warn, as they urge women not to return to work too quickly. Researchers found new mothers were still excessively sleepy 18 weeks after having their baby. They urged mew mums to be cautious about returning to work too quickly, after the study found […]

HNGN: Autism Sufferers Not Typically Sensitive To Being Imitated, New Study Shows Why

A new research explains why autistic people are not sensitive when others imitate their movements or actions. Japanese researchers stated that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder have decreased activity in a brain region that plays an important role in understanding social nuances of imitations and ridicule. Researchers explained that people with autism have difficulties in […]

WIRED: What’s Up With That: Your Best Thinking Seems To Happen In The Shower:

You’re in the shower. The water sounds like a gentle, rainy static, and feels like a Plinko massage. You’ve just started to lather up and suddenly, you’re hit with a flash of brilliance. Maybe it’s the answer to a vexing problem at work, the location of your lost USB drive, or perhaps it’s just a […]

WIRED: What’s Different About The Brain’s Of Heroes?

Marco Zanon and his colleagues scanned the brains of 43 young adults (30 women) while they took part in a virtual reality (VR) experience of a disaster. Wearing VR goggles and headphones, each participant began the study by meeting up with what they thought were three other volunteers in a virtual waiting room. In fact, […]

Forbes: Why Is Innovation So Hard?

What business today does not want to be more innovative? In business parlance, “innovation” has reached a glorified position-like “customer centricity,” it is deemed to be a strategic necessity. But it is hard to define. It means different things to different people. Innovation exists along a continuum, from material improvements to existing products or processes […]

Science Daily: Declining Intelligence In Old Age Linked To Visual Processing

Researchers have uncovered one of the basic processes that may help to explain why some people’s thinking skills decline in old age. Age-related declines in intelligence are strongly related to declines on a very simple task of visual perception speed, the researchers report in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on August 4. (August 4, […] VA Reform Bill Saves Program For Vets With TBI

President Barack Obama on Thursday will sign into law landmark reform of the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs, but the stroke of his executive pen will also save an unrelated effort to rehabilitate veterans with traumatic brain injuries. The massive $16.3-billion VA overhaul passed by Congress last week included a measure sponsored by Sens. Cory […] The Neuroscience Behind Motivation

Strengthening your positive emotions and weakening your negative ones can have huge benefits for performance. Here’s why. The most recent newsletter from management coach Jon Pratlett explains that, when you encounter a difficult situation, your brain reacts differently when you say “I am…” as opposed to “I feel…” “Research suggests that when our brain’s fight/flight […]

New York Times: Three Myths About The Brain

Myths about the brain typically arise in this fashion: An intriguing experimental result generates a plausible if speculative interpretation (a small part of the lobe seems sufficient) that is later overextended or distorted (we use only 10 percent of our brain). The caricature ultimately infiltrates pop culture and takes on a life of its own, […]