Brain Health

TIME: This is Your Brain on Exercise

We all know the slew of physical benefits that come along with staying active. From a healthier heart to stronger muscles, it’s no surprise that the CDC recommends adults get at least two and a half hours of moderate cardio and two days of muscle strengthening every week. But the perks of exercise extend far […]

Emissourian: Moderate Drinking Can Be Good for the Aging Brain

Men and women who drink moderately in older age may have better memory than those who abstain from alcohol, a new study shows. The findings suggest that moderate alcohol consumption late in life may have beneficial effects on the brain. The study, from researchers at the University of Texas and other universities, looked at 660 […]

Washington Post: Food for thought: Is your brain missing something?

Our brains need certain nutrients to keep us happy, focused and functioning at our best. But moderation is key, and gobbling more of a particular nutrient helps only if you’re making up for a deficiency, said neuroscience professor Gary Wenk, author of “Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings.” (January 5, […]

The Boston Globe: Research suggests vitamin D could affect brain function

A growing body of evidence suggests that vitamin D — present in some foods and produced naturally when skin is exposed to sunlight — regulates the enzyme that converts the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin, a neurotransmitter believed to help regulate moods and direct brain development while in the womb. (January 5, 2015) Read the […]

Financial Express: Wealth, power linked to many mental disorders

Researchers have found that inflated or deflated feelings of self-worth are linked to such afflictions as bipolar disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, anxiety and depression. “We found that it is important to consider the motivation to pursue power, beliefs about how much power one has attained, pro-social and aggressive strategies for attaining power, and emotions related […]

Medical News Today: Cardiorespiratory fitness improves memory among older adults

Older adults who have greater heart and lung health also have better memory recall and cognitive capabilities. The study, which appears online in the Journal of Gerontology, examines the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), memory and cognition in young and older adults. Aging is associated with decline in executive function (problem solving, planning and organizing) […]

Huffington Post: The Surprising Link Between Gut Bacteria And Anxiety

In recent years, neuroscientists have become increasingly interested in the idea that there may be a powerful link between the human brain and gut bacteria. And while a growing body of research has provided evidence of the brain-gut connection, most of these studies so far have been conducted on animals. Now, promising new research from […]

TIME: Does Your Mind Wander? Here’s Why That Can Be Your Greatest Asset

Wandering minds are associated with creativity. Popular wisdom tells you to live in the moment. Let’s look at the research. You spend up to 8 minutes of every hour daydreaming. Your mind will probably wander for 13% of the time it takes you to read this post. Some of us spend 30-40% of our time […]

Bio Science Technology: Reading Leaves a Dramatic Imprint on the Brain

A good book recreates the world so robustly that it activates some of the same brain regions that “everyday life” does, according to a recent PLOS One study. In the study, innovative MRI analyses of people reading a richly imaginative book showed movement of characters occurring in a brain region where others’ motions are processed […]