Brain Health

Health Canal: Brain traffic jams that can disappear in 30 seconds

New study finds that blockages in fruit fly brains quickly form and dissolve; it could help treat Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases. Scientists have found that cellular blockages, the molecular equivalent to traffic jams, in nerve cells of the insect’s brain can form and dissolve in 30 seconds or less. The findings, presented in the journal […]

BBC: Sleep’s memory role discovered

The mechanism by which a good night’s sleep improves learning and memory has been discovered by scientists. The team in China and the US used advanced microscopy to witness new connections between brain cells – synapses – forming during sleep. Their study, published in the journal Science, showed even intense training could not make up for […]

King5: Sharpen your focus with brain building program

Our brains control thoughts, store memories and drive emotions. There is a lot of information for the brain to process, as the average person has about 70,000 thoughts every day. What if you could make your brain more efficient? Researcher Jennifer Zientz, MS Center for BrainHealth teaches a brain-building program called Smart Training. She said […]

Tech Times: Study links blood pressure to dementia, mental performance

High blood pressure has been linked with increased risks for heart disease and stroke which explains why health experts recommend against food and lifestyle practices that could elevate blood pressure levels. Although many young and middle-age individuals do not care about their blood pressure levels, a new study suggests the importance of keeping tabs of […]

Medical Xpress: Understanding the cognitive complexities of literacy learning

The ability to read is a fundamental prerequisite for participation in modern information-based societies. Learning to read is a long and complex process, however, and one that not all students master with ease – as studies such as PISA have shown. Individuals with functional illiteracy can find themselves excluded from many areas of life and […]

CTV News: Depression before menopause may be caused by brain protein: study

A new study suggests that elevated levels of a specific brain protein may explain why so many women experience depression during perimenopause. The work, led by Toronto scientist Dr. Jeffrey Meyer, concludes that high levels of a chemical called monoamine oxidase A, or MAO-A, may be to blame. The protein is known to break down […]

The Desert Sun: Study: Baby care alters the male brain

Parenting a small child requires the forethought of a crisis planner, the reflexes of a professional goalkeeper, the energy of a cheerleader and the empathy of a therapist. After eons of practice at such caregiving, it’s clear that mothers have evolved some brawn in those parts of the brain that weave together these many skills, […]

WebMD: Blood Pressure History May Affect Brain in Old Age

A new study suggests that having low blood pressure in later years may be linked with worse memory, at least in those diagnosed with high blood pressure in middle age. On the other hand, researchers linked high blood pressure in later life with greater risk of brain lesions for people who didn’t have high blood pressure in their middle […]

Fox31: Exercising your brain can affect your entire body

Researchers say that’s what makes our brains stronger and helps protect us from brain diseases associated with aging. The findings of a new study presented this week in Scotland shows people who speak two or more languages have higher scores on mental skills tests as they age. The research includes 835 people born in 1936 […]