Brain Health

University Herald: Researchers Discover Brain Region Responsible For Hangovers

University of Utah researchers have discovered the area of the brain responsible for hangovers. Researchers said that lateral habenula gets triggered by bad experiences. When this part of the brain is damaged or chronically inactivated, people are driven to repeat unhealthy behaviours. Lateral habenula brain region is linked to depression, avoidance behaviors and hangover. A  Centers […]

Tech Times: Stress during childhood affects brain development

Severe stress during childhood including physical abuse, neglect and may poverty change parts of the brain associated with memory, learning and processing of emotion and stress. The achievement gap measured through elementary and middle school tests has caused a lot of debate but what experts must focus on is the first 1,000 days of children’s […]

Discover: Is It Time To Redraw the Map of the Brain?

A provocative and important paper just out claims to have identified a pervasive flaw in many attempts to map the function of the human brain. University College London (UCL) neuroscientists Yee-Haur Mah and colleagues say that in the light of their findings, “current inferences about human brain function and deficits based on lesion mapping must be re-evaluated.” Lesion […]

MIT Technology: Review Designing Brain Implants to Detect More and Last Longer

Inside the biomedical electronics lab at GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York, Jeff Ashe, a principal engineer, holds up a mechanical pencil and points to its thin graphite point. That, he says, is the size of the new wireless brain implants GE is developing. The hope is that smaller, more biocompatible implants will help […]

Bloomberg: Can Europe Map the Human Brain?

After centuries of research, there’s a great deal we still don’t know about the human brain. To figure out what’s going on inside your head, the European Union is putting more than $1.6 billion into the Human Brain Project. Neuroscientists across Europe are using big-data systems to compile as much scientific data on the brain as it […]

Psych Central: How Sweet Talk Emotionally Engages The Brain

New research shows that taste-related words, such as describing something as “sweet” or “bitter,” engage the emotional centers of the brain more than literal words with the same meaning. For their study, researchers from Princeton University and the Free University of Berlin had volunteers read 37 sentences that included common metaphors based on taste while […]

Medical Daily: Active Interpretation By The Brain Helps In Perception

Using the images we associate with a common video game and an fMRI technique, researchers from Radboud University discovered that the brain actively interprets visual signals early on in signal processing. In other words, we see not only with our eyes, but with our brain, too. This challenges earlier theories that state visual processing occurs outside the brain. This new […]