Brain Health

Time: Why Some People Get Depressed And Others Get Resilient

New research in mice show certain neurons in the brain may determine whether someone is depressed or resilient Some people thrive under stress and tight deadlines, and others become crippled with defeat. A team of scientists looked to mice to find biological answers for these different responses and found the reason my lie deep in […]

Forbes: Brain Study Shows Why Stress Triggers Depression In Certain People

Depending on your genetic makeup and a host of other variables, you’ll have a different reaction to stressful events from the people around you, and even your relatives. Some people naturally get energized by the challenge, even if it’s a frightening or intimidating one, and can’t wait to overcome it. Others feel dwarfed by the […]

The Examiner: Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can damage fetal brain

The report stresses that iodine deficiency can interfere with normal fetal brain development; furthermore, it increases vulnerability to the effects of certain environmental pollutants, such as nitrate, thiocyanate, and perchlorate. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should take a supplement containing adequate iodide; however, only approximately 15% do so. In addition, some prenatal supplements do not contain enough iodide and may […]

Washington Post: Need a brain boost? Exercise.

According to recent research, a single workout can immediately boost higher-order thinking skills, making you more productive and efficient as you slog through your workday. When you exercise your legs, you also exercise your brain; this means that a lunchtime workout can improve your cognitive performance, thanks to blood flow and brain food. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, […]

Health Canal: Brain imaging reveals clues about chronic fatigue syndrome

Brain imaging study shows that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome may have reduced responses, compared with healthy controls, in a region of the brain connected with fatigue. The findings suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with changes in the brain involving brain circuits that regulate motor activity and motivation. Compared with healthy controls, patients […]

Reuters: Brain activity changes seen after chemo

For some women with breast cancer, changes in brain activity while multitasking could explain “chemo brain” – reduced mental functioning that many experience after chemotherapy, Belgian researchers say. “Cognitive complaints of people increase with chemotherapy and we are trying to find out why,” said Sabine Deprez, who led the new study. “Difficulty multitasking is one […]

Fox News: Cochlear implants for children may increase risk of cognitive delays

Children with cochlear implants may experience cognitive delays, compared to those with normal hearing, according to Science World Report. In a new study at Indiana University, researchers found the hearing devices put children at risk for problems with executive functioning – such as conceptual learning, working memory and controlled attention. The study group consisted of […]

The Southern: Study says laughing can bring brain waves into mock-meditative state

Want the potential mental and physical health benefits of meditation without the work of chasing away all those intrusive thoughts and feelings? Try laughing, a new study suggests. Laughter — the real kind associated with genuine joy and mirth — sets off brain wave patterns quite similar to those generated when experienced meditators ply their […]

News4: Lack of sleep driving you crazy?

“If you don’t get enough sleep, and you get in a chronic state of that, then you look just like someone who has early-onset Alzheimer’s,” said Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, Founder and Director of the Center for BrainHealth. Chapman says sleep helps the brain clear waste and consolidate memories. One British study found people who […]