Brain Health

Science World Report: Sleep Quality and Duration Boost Cognition in Aging Populations

Considering the association between good sleep quality and improved cognition, the researchers suggest using sleep gadgets such as sound therapy and wristbands.  Researchers at the University of Oregon found that middle aged or older people who sleep for six to nine hours a night have better cognitive abilities. In this study that began in 2007, the researchers used data gathered […]

Huffington Post: Drug Use Linked With Brain Differences In Teens

Teens who have used drugs even just once in their lives have brain characteristics that are different from those who have never used drugs, a new study finds. In the study, the researchers scanned the brains of 71 Mexican-American 16-year-olds, and asked the teens whether they had ever used drugs, including cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. […]

The Health Site: Revealed — how sugar impacts your and your kid’s brain

How sugar impacts the brains of kids differs significantly from how it affects the adult brains, a research said. In adolescents, glucose increases the blood flow in the regions of the brain implicated in reward-motivation and decision-making, whereas in adults, it decreases the blood flow in these regions. For the study, researchers compared how the […]

Wall Street Journal: Our Brains Are Made for Enjoying Art

Viewing paintings activated regions of the visual cortex, which processes visual information. This activity may be attributed to processing shapes and colors, the researchers said. The fusiform gyrus and parahippocampal gyrus, brain regions associated with the perception and recognition of objects and places, were highlighted, possibly by familiar faces and landscapes, the study suggests. The […]

Huffington post: Give Your Brain a Break This Summer

Our brain thinks more clearly when we get off the hamster wheel, when we are not rushing from one meeting and obligation to the next, when we find time to relax. You have probably experienced moments of insight, or “aha moments,” when a creative new idea or solution to a vexing problem suddenly occurs to […]

The Health Site: How being a daddy changes your brain

Even as men draw flak for not doing enough of parenting as mothers generally do, researchers have discovered that taking care of his kids may not only enforce hormonal changes in fathers but also reshape their brains. While taking care of kids, a man’s brain shows the same patterns of cognitive and emotional engagement that […]

Science News: Neurons pull together as a brain learns

Different areas of the brain communicate with each other, transferring information from one area to another for processing and interpretation. Brain cell meets brain cell at connections called synapses. But to transfer information between areas often takes more than one neuron firing a lonely signal. It takes cortical oscillations — networks of brain cells sending […]

NPR: Blame Your Brain: The Fault Lies Somewhere Within

In a forthcoming paper at the journal Psychological Science, psychologists Azim Shariff, Joshua Greene and six of their colleagues bring these heady issues down to earth by considering whether learning about neuroscience can influence judgments in a real-world situation: deciding how someone who commits a crime should be punished. The motivating intuition is this: to hold someone responsible […]

MIT Technology: Spying on the Brain

Launched in 2013, the national BRAIN Initiative aims to revolutionize our understanding of cognition by mapping the activity of every neuron in the human brain, revealing how brain circuits interact to create memories, encode new skills, and interpret the world around us. Before that can happen, neuroscientists need new tools that will let them probe the brain […]

Los Angeles Times: What did you do today? Your brain ‘remembers’ it cell by cell

In a study published online Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Wixted and fellow researchers suggest that memory processing takes place in an exceptionally small fraction of neurons scattered widely in the hippocampus. The team also included researchers from the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Veterans Affairs Medical Center of San Diego, the […]