Brain Health

Hutch News: Increase good fats, decrease bad fats

Our prehistoric diet, thousands of years ago, probably had much more fat than is common in today’s average diet. Some fats are very good for health, and some are not healthy at all. Certain fats are an important part of an optimal nutritional program. Fats in the diet are needed to keep the liver and […]

National Post: Aerobic exercise trumps weights, stretching for preserving memory, brain health: studies

In recent years, several studies have heralded the possibility that exercise can play a positive role in retaining memory, and not just for those over 55. Though most studies regarding exercise and memory have been conducted with older populations, researchers at Michigan State University recently published findings revealing that unfit college-age subjects performed poorer on […]

Science World report: Affordable Housing Helps Optimize Children’s Brainpower

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University examined the effects of affordable housing on the cognitive development, physical health and emotional well-being of children living in poverty. Findings revealed that while the amount of money spent on housing had no effect on a child’s physical or social health, their cognitive abilities could be harmed by inadequate surroundings. For […]

The Health Site: Your decisions depend on the background noise in your brain!

What choices we make may depend a lot on the state of the brain and random fluctuations in the brain’s background electrical noise just prior to making a decision. Decisions could be predicted based on the pattern of brain activity immediately before a decision was made, the findings showed. ‘This shows how arbitrary states in […]

Discovery News: How the Brain Awakens from Unconsciousness Becomes Clearer

Exactly what happens when people wake up from anesthesia or a coma has long baffled scientists, but now new research on rats suggests the path the brain takes to regain consciousness may be even more sophisticated than thought.  “It is commonly assumed that waking from anesthesia is a simple thing: The drugs leave the brain, and the […]

WHOTV: Exercise: ‘Food for Your Brain’

We all know exercising builds a better body.  Now, there’s evidence it builds a better mind too. “If you rest, you rust,” explained Alan Bernard, personal trainer and founder of Active Aging Fitness. Studies show aerobic fitness reduces brain cell loss in the elderly.  It can also protect against diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol – […]

Medical News Today: What happens to the brain when it recovers from anesthetic?

New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examines what happens to the brain when it recovers from the effects of anesthetic. “I always found it remarkable that someone can recover from anesthesia, not only that you blink your eyes and can walk around, but you return to being yourself,” says Alexander Proekt, […]

TES Connect: How sleep can help with learning and memory

Getting a good night’s sleep is not only helpful to one’s beauty regime but is also key to improving learning and memory, according to academics. A team of researchers in China and the US have observed new connections between brain cells developing during sleep. The scientists from New York University School of Medicine and Peking […]

Fox News: Red wine compound may improve memory, study suggests

Substance found in red wine and dark chocolate that has been touted for its supposed anti-aging effects may improve people’s memory, new research suggests. In a study of overweight adults, those who took resveratrol supplements for six months had better short-term recall than their counterparts who took a placebo. The people who took the supplement also had […]