Brain Health

Science Daily: Listening to happy music may enhance divergent creativity

Listening to happy music may help generate more, innovative solutions compared to listening to silence, according to a study published September 6, 2017. Creativity is an important quality in our complex, fast-changing world, as it allows us to generate innovative solutions for a wide range of problems and come up with fresh ideas. The question […]

TIME: Why teenage brains are so hard to understand

Doctors, parents and teachers have long held preconceived notions about why teenagers act so reckless and emotional, and many of these explanations have turned out to be incorrect. It was once believed that teens were impulsive due to raging hormones and that they were difficult because they hated authority. But advances in brain imaging, which […]

Medical Daily: Gait analysis can reveal personality traits, walking speed as you get older

First impressions are important because our appearance, speech, and behavior affect people’s initial perceptions of us. When it comes to body language, our walking speed can reflect our mood, emotions, and even personality. A recent study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found extroverts walk at a faster pace than their introvert friends. (September […]

Medical Daily: Best music for creativity boost: Study suggests this classical piece may help

Creativity is important in nearly all aspects of life, from business to relationships, so we’re constantly looking for tricks to increase this skill, but most of these tricks aren’t backed by science. However, a new study has found evidence that listening to “happy music” increases listeners’ creativity, with Vivaldi’s classical concerti Four Seasons winning first […]

Medical Xpress: One powerful cell makes or breaks your habits

Some habits are helpful, such as automatically washing your hands before a meal or driving the same route to work every day. They accomplish an important task while freeing up valuable brain space. But other habits—like eating a cookie every day after work—seem to stick around even when the outcomes aren’t so good. (September 6, […]

Daily Pioneer: Yoga, meditation can boost brain function: Study

Practicing brief sessions of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, a study has found. Hatha yoga is one of the most common styles of yoga practiced in Western countries. It involves physical postures and breathing exercises combined with meditation. Mindfulness mediation involves observing thoughts, emotions and body sensations […]

Healthline: The ‘afternoon slump’ may be connected to our brain’s reward system

Wonder why you always seem a little tired in the middle of the afternoon? Don’t worry. That “afternoon slump” might simply be part of your brain’s reward system. And, as our understanding improves of how the brain responds to rewards differently throughout the day, it may also lead to new ways of dealing with mood […]

Medical News Today: Empathy: Why do we care?

Empathy is a precious moral and social resource. It helps us to form friendships, care for the needy, and not be cruel. But what goes on in our brains when we empathize? Can neuroscience help us to explain why we care? On September 13, 1848, in a railroad construction accident, an explosion drove an iron […]

News-Medical: Study identifies novel source for brain’s development

A study conducted by a team of researchers at the New York University has found an unexpected source for the development of the brain. According to the research, which was published in the journal Science, a group of non-neuronal cells called glia, which were previously considered as passive support cells, are important for the development […]