Brain Health

TIME: Being outdoors may change the way your brain works, study says

Getting outside may not only change your perspective — it could actually alter the way your brain works in some unexpected ways, according to a small new study. “Your brain seems like it has to work harder and it’s less effective when it’s outside,” explains Kyle Mathewson, an assistant professor of psychology at the University […]

U.S. News & World Report: Why it’s great to learn a second language

Is learning a second language on your bucket list? Here’s compelling evidence to get started right away. Numerous studies at institutions, including Penn State, have found that learning a new language is great for brain health. It can strengthen your brain just as exercise strengthens your muscles. (February 2, 2018) Read the full article here

Newsweek: Evolution of language: Brain pathways for communication are more ancient than humans

New research has identified the brain systems involved in language learning and discovered that these systems pre-date the human species. The findings add to the mystery of how language evolved. The study used past research on language acquisition in children and second language learning in adults to study language origins in the brain. (February 1, […]

Tech Times: Brain scans show best friends are on the same wavelength

Brain scans can now predict who are likely to become friends. A new research shows that social ties are forged at a higher-than-expected rate among people with neural similarities. A psychology research from the University of California in Los Angeles and Dartmouth College concluded that individuals develop affinity and attraction to other persons who see […]

Shape: Could vitamin deficiencies be running your workout?

You know not eating well or logging enough sleep can hurt your workout, but there might be something else slowing you down: A new study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that when healthy, active, females supplemented with a specific vitamin and mineral formula for one month, they shaved about […]

Today: Biggest study ever of teen brains to reveal how screen time affects kids

What helps and hurts the teenage brain? A revolutionary new study hopes to find out how kids’ minds are shaped during this crucial and turbulent stage of life. Researchers are following more than 11,000 children for the next decade, studying how dozens of factors — including drugs and alcohol, diet and exercise, screen time, academic […]

Science Daily: This is your brain: This is your brain outdoors

The brain acts much differently when we’re outdoors compared to when we’re inside the lab, a new study has found. “It happens when we’re doing normal, everyday activities, like riding a bike,” explained Kyle Mathewson, a neuroscientist in UAlberta’s Department of Psychology. Mathewson and his research team put EEG equipment into backpacks and had subjects […]

Medical Xpress: How to eat well for a healthy brain in later life

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), which includes experts from the University of Exeter, examined the science on the impact diet has on brain health in adults age 50 and older. GCBH experts carefully considered what can be confidently concluded about whether and how dietary patterns and food choices influence brain health. (January 30, […]

Medical News Today: How your gut can make you seem smarter than you really are

We’ve all been hungry — or even “hangry” — at one point in our lives, but is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon? And might there be some hidden value to this otherwise irritating feeling? A new study explores, suggesting that our gut helps us make good decisions and come across as smarter than […]