Brain Health

Live Science: Is ‘pregnancy brain’ real?

If you’ve ever found yourself at a real loss for words while pregnant, or you feel like you just keep forgetting to book appointments during those nine months of expecting, you’re not the only one. Surveys have found that about 64 percent of expecting mothers report struggling more to find the right words or focus […]

Medical News Today: Brain study reveals why some people fail to stick to their diet

Differences in brain anatomy might explain why some individuals struggle to maintain a healthful diet while others do not. This was the conclusion that researchers came to after finding that gray matter volume in two brains regions predicted ability to exercise control over food choices. (June 25, 2018) Read the full article here

NPR: A lost secret: How to get kids to pay attention

Fifteen years ago, psychologists Barbara Rogoff and Maricela Correa-Chavez ran a simple experiment. They wanted to see how well kids pay attention — even if they don’t have to. They would bring two kids, between the ages 5 to 11, into a room and have them sit at two tables. Then they had a research […]

The Health Site: Which brain region helps us stay conscious?

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found that a brain region — associated with cognitive behaviours, decision making, and moderating social behaviour — determines our overall level of consciousness. “The study suggests that the prefrontal cortex has the potential to play a role in coordinating the level of consciousness,” said George Mashour from the University […]

Medical Xpress: Your brain anatomy may play a role in determining your food choices

Our indulgence in delicious but unhealthful food may not necessarily reveal a character flaw. Rather, our ability to exercise self-control is linked to our neurobiology, according to a study that has been published in The Journal of Neuroscience in June 2018. The study was conducted by a team around Hilke Plassmann, the INSEAD Chaired Professor […]

Medical News Today: Brain’s ‘support cells’ play active role in memory and learning

New research provides further evidence that glial cells do more than support and nourish neurons, which were traditionally said to be the cells responsible for brain functioning. It appears that glial cells called astrocytes — so-called because they are shaped similarly to stars — play an active role in memory and learning. (June 20, 2018) […]

Reuters: Walking ability before heart surgery tied to brain function afterward

Older adults who are faster on their feet may be less likely to suffer cognitive problems after heart surgery than patients who have difficulty walking, a Japanese study suggests. All 181 patients in the study were undergoing non-emergency heart surgery at Nagoya University Hospital. Before surgery, researchers measured how far each participant could walk in […]

TIME: Are omega-3s good for your brain?

Omega-3 is easily the most popular supplement in America. Roughly 8% of adults—or about 19 million people—take some kind of omega-3 fatty acid supplement, according to the latest figures from the National Institutes of Health. There’s a reason fish oil capsules and other omega-3 supplements are so popular. “Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in many […]