Brain Health

Futurism: New research shows how the brain processes our experiences

Following studies into how the brain helps us to navigate and make decisions, researchers are now exploring how the brain organizes experiences. A team of neuroscientists from New York University (NYU) sought to observe how memories are transferred over time. Specifically, they wanted to see if the brain would show similar or shared features of […]

Reuters: Cell phone use by expectant mothers not tied to brain problems in kids

Pregnant women who use cell phones may be no more likely to have kids with brain development problems than expectant mothers who avoid mobile devices, a recent study suggests. “We found no evidence of a harmful effect of the mother using her cell phone during pregnancy on her child’s neurodevelopment at 3 and 5 years,” […]

Medical News Today: How to reduce brain inflammation with a keto diet

New research uncovers and replicates the mechanism by which a ketogenic diet curbs brain inflammation. The findings pave the way for a new drug target that could achieve the same benefits of a keto diet without having to actually follow one. The keto diet is focused on reducing the amount of carbohydrates as much as […]

Medical Xpress: Study reveals breakthrough in decoding brain function

If there’s a final frontier in understanding the human body, it’s definitely not the pinky. It’s the brain. After four years of lab testing and complex neuro-decoding, a research team led by UNLV psychology professor James Hyman has struck a major breakthrough that could open the floodgates for research into the anterior cingulate cortex, or […]

Science Daily: A brain-system that builds confidence in what we see, hear and touch

Behavioral scientists and psychologists use the term “metacognition” to describe our ability to access, report and regulate our own mental states: “thinking about thinking,” “knowing about knowing” “being aware about being aware,” are all higher-order cognitive skills that fit this category. Specifically, metacognition enables the brain to compute a degree of confidence when we perceive […]

New York Times: Giving migraine treatments the best chance

Despite being the seventh leading cause of time spent disabled worldwide, migraine “has received relatively little attention as a major public health issue,” Dr. Andrew Charles, a California neurologist, wrote recently in The New England Journal of Medicine. It can begin in childhood, becoming more common in adolescence and peaking in prevalence at ages 35 […]

News-Medical: Physical activity boosted cognition in breast cancer survivors, study says

A study conducted by a team of researchers at the San Diego School of Medicine, University of California, reported that physical activities can more than double the post-treatment mental processing speed of breast cancer survivors. It is estimated that among breast cancer survivors, 75% were estimated to encounter problems with cognitive difficulties after treatment, whether […]

Science Daily: Stimuli fading away en route to consciousness

Whether or not we consciously perceive the stimuli projected onto our retina is decided in our brain. A recent study shows how some signals dissipate along the processing path to conscious perception. This process begins at rather late stages of signal processing. By contrast, in earlier stages there is hardly any difference in the reaction […]

Live Science: Your brain sees faces, even when you don’t

Can you see something without really seeing it? Your brain can: A new study from Germany finds that a specific neuron in the brain fires up when a person sees a photograph of a familiar face, even if the person isn’t aware of seeing it. (September 21, 2017) Read the full article here