Brain Health

NBC News: How to train your brain to be more optimistic

Do you tend to see the positive, even in trying situations? Or do you immediately assume the worst and focus on the negative? When it comes to how we view the world, most of us fall into one of two categories: optimist or pessimist. And according to experts, whatever category you fall into has a […]

Medical Daily: Diet not working? May be your genes

New research conducted at Texas A&M University suggests that diets may not be one size fits all, but rather could depend on each person’s genes. “Dietary advice, whether it comes from the United States government or some other organization, tends to be based on the theory that there is going to be one diet that […]

News-Medical: Study establishes link between working memory and physical health, lifestyle choices

Mount Sinai researchers have found a positive relationship between the brain network associated with working memory-;the ability to store and process information relevant to the task at hand-;and healthy traits such as higher physical endurance and better cognitive function. These traits were associated with greater cohesiveness of the working memory brain network while traits indicating […]

Medical Xpress: The human brain can ‘see’ what is around the corner

Neuroscientists at the University of Glasgow have shown how the human brain can predict what our eyes will see next, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In a new study published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, researchers have gained a greater understanding of visual mechanisms, and how seeing is a constant two-way dialogue between […]

Science Daily: Neurons have the right shape for deep learning

Deep learning has brought about machines that can ‘see’ the world more like humans can, and recognize language. And while deep learning was inspired by the human brain, the question remains: Does the brain actually learn this way? The answer has the potential to create more powerful artificial intelligence and unlock the mysteries of human […]

TIME: Making eye contact with a baby changes both your brain waves, study says

A new study has found that when adults and babies look at each other, their brain waves sync up. This creates what researchers call “a joint networked state” that facilitates communication between the two of them. The study, while small—just 17 babies in one experiment and 19 in the other—also found that babies vocalize, or […]

Medical News Today: ‘Cognitive ability genes’ identified

A new study — the largest of its kind — scrutinizes the cognitive performance and genomes of more than 100,000 people. The findings have unlocked new details about the genetics behind cognitive ability. A new study brings us one step closer to mapping intelligence in the genetic code. (November 30, 2017) Read the full article […]

Medical Xpress: Music and native language interact in the brain

Finnish speakers showed an advantage in auditory duration processing compared to German speakers in a recent doctoral study on auditory processing of sound in people with different linguistic and musical backgrounds. In Finnish speakers, musical expertise was associated with enhanced behavioral frequency discrimination. (November 30, 2017) Read the full article here