Brain Health

Medical News Today: What happens in the brain when habits form?

There are a million things that we do every day without thinking. Brushing our teeth, drying our hair after a shower, and unlocking our phone screen so we can check our messages are all part of our routine. But what takes place in the brain as we learn a new habit? (February 11, 2018) Read […]

Business Insider: A sleep expert explains what happens to your brain when you dream

“What is dreaming and what happens and are there any real benefits to dreaming? Well, to take a step back I think it’s important to note that dreaming essentially is a time when we all become flagrantly psychotic. And before you perhaps dismiss that diagnosis, I’ll give you five good reasons, because last night when […]

Medical Xpress: New study explains how your brain helps you learn new skills

Even if you haven’t ridden your bike in years, you probably remember how to do so without giving it much thought. If you’re a skilled piano player, odds are you can easily sit down and play a song you’ve rehearsed before. And, when you drive to work, you’re likely not actively thinking about your movements. […]

Medical Xpress: Star-like cells may help the brain tune breathing rhythms

Traditionally, scientists thought that star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes were steady, quiet supporters of their talkative, wire-like neighbors, called neurons. Now, an NIH study suggests that astrocytes may also have their say. It showed that silencing astrocytes in the brain’s breathing center caused rats to breathe at a lower rate and tire out on a […]

MIT News: Distinctive brain pattern helps habits form

Our daily lives include hundreds of routine habits. Brushing our teeth, driving to work, or putting away the dishes are just a few of the tasks that our brains have automated to the point that we hardly need to think about them. Although we may think of each of these routines as a single task, […]

Medical News Today: Endorphins: Effects and how to increase levels

Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress. They are often called “feel-good” chemicals because they can act as a pain reliever and happiness booster. Endorphins are primarily made in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, though they may come from other parts of the body as well. (February […]

Bel Marra Health: Listening to your favorite song can improve brain health

With dementia, patient’s memory fades over time. Even though a person may still remember aspects of their life, they go in and out of remembering things and being forgetful. This can be frustrating not only for the sufferer, but for the caregivers too. (February 5, 2018) Read the full article here

NPR: Eating leafy greens each day tied to sharper memory, slower decline

To age well, we must eat well. There has been a lot of evidence that heart-healthy diets help protect the brain. The latest good news: A study recently published in Neurology finds that healthy seniors who had daily helpings of leafy green vegetables — such as spinach, kale and collard greens — had a slower […]

TIME: Being outdoors may change the way your brain works, study says

Getting outside may not only change your perspective — it could actually alter the way your brain works in some unexpected ways, according to a small new study. “Your brain seems like it has to work harder and it’s less effective when it’s outside,” explains Kyle Mathewson, an assistant professor of psychology at the University […]