Brain Health

The Wall Street Journal: How to disconnect from ‘always on’ work culture

I have a masochistic need to please bosses, so I’m never more than a few feet from my iPhone (notifications humming at all hours) and I never leave home without a MacBook in tow. Just in case. My manager, who once mentioned pointedly that he has a “perverse respect for workaholics,” recently emailed me a […]

Inverse: Brains of lazy people reveal why humans can’t help avoiding exercise

Each day, when people contemplate working out, their brains wage an inner battle: to exercise or not to exercise? This has long been written off as a moral battle between laziness and discipline, but new research published in Neuropsychologia suggests that it’s a neural one. The choice to work out, the paper argues, is a […]

Science Daily: Brain circuits for successful emotional development established during infancy

Researchers tracking the development of the brain’s emotion circuitry in infancy found that adult-like functional brain connections for emotional regulation emerge during the first year of life. And the growth of these brain circuits during the second year of life predicted the IQ and emotional control of the children at 4 years old, suggesting new […]

Medical Xpress: Too much sleep bad for brain, study says

Preliminary results from the world’s largest sleep study have shown that people who sleep on average between seven to eight hours per night performed better cognitively than those who slept less – or more – than this amount. Western neuroscientists at the Brain and Mind Institute released their findings today in Sleep. According to the […]

Science Daily: Time-traveling illusion tricks the brain

Researchers have developed two new illusions that reveal how the senses can influence each other — in particular, how sound can give rise to visual illusions. These illusions occur so quickly that they illustrate a phenomenon called postdiction (as opposed to prediction) in which a stimulus that occurs later can retroactively affect our perceptions of […]

Inc.: How skim reading from screens is rewiring your brain (it’s not good)

Getting lost in a book does incredible things to your brain. Not only does reading make you smarter, less lonely, and just plain happier, but following along with the characters in a great story actually lights up brain circuits associated with whatever the characters are experiencing, giving you one of the world’s greatest empathy workouts. […]

Science Daily: Out like a light: Researchers ID brain’s ‘sleep switch’

Two decades ago, Clifford B. Saper, MD/PhD, Chairman of the Department of Neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), and colleagues discovered a set of nerve cells they thought might be the switch that turns the brain off, allowing it to sleep. In a new study published in Nature Communications today, Saper and colleagues […]