Brain Health

News-Medical: Mediterranean diet is the best diet there is

Diets come and go and have their time in the trending list. The U.S. News and World Report has however confirmed that the healthiest diet at present is the Mediterranean diet. For this report the team of experts ranked 41 different popular diets. They came to the unanimous conclusion that the Mediterranean diet can provide […]

Big Think: How your brain makes you overeat

As if losing weight wasn’t hard enough. A new study from researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research reveals that we’re rewarded twice when eating. The first dopamine kick occurs when tasting food; the second, when the food reaches your stomach. Making this process even more insidious, the more you crave the food, […]

Science Daily: Genes that drive male-female brain differences, timing of puberty

Researchers have identified a group of genes that induces differences in the developing brains of male and female roundworms and triggers the initiation of puberty, a genetic pathway that may have the same function in controlling the timing of sexual maturation in humans.The study, led by Columbia University scientists, offers new evidence for direct genetic […]

Medical Xpress: How does the brain learn by talking to itself?

Humans, like other animals, possess an enormous learning capacity that allows for the apprehension of new sensory information to master new skills or to adapt to an ever-changing environment. However, many of the mechanisms that enable people to learn remain poorly understood. One of the greatest challenges of systems neuroscience is to explain how synaptic […]

Science Magazine: Artificial intelligence turns brain activity into speech

For many people who are paralyzed and unable to speak, signals of what they’d like to say hide in their brains. No one has been able to decipher those signals directly. But three research teams recently made progress in turning data from electrodes surgically placed on the brain into computer-generated speech. Using computational models known […]

Big Think: The science behind why our brains make us cooperate (or disagree)

Why do we decide to work on a project or pursue a goal with someone? Or why do we treat some people like there’s no way we can find any common language? Neuroscience says that the human brain contains underlying causes to all human cooperation and social decision-making. (December 28, 2018) Read the full article […]

Science Daily: Brain activity predicts fear of pain

Researchers applied a machine learning technique that could potentially translate patterns of activity in fear-processing brain regions into scores on questionnaires used to assess a patient’s fear of pain. This neuroscientific approach may help reconcile self-reported emotions and their neural underpinnings. (December 25, 2018) Read the full article here

U.S. News & World Report: Food brings double dose of pleasure to your brain

There may be a powerful reason why you can’t resist that plate of brownies. It turns out that eating causes the release of dopamine in your brain not once, but twice, German scientists report. First, the feel-good hormone is unleashed as you eat. But the same thing happens again once that food hits your tummy, […]