Brain Injury

Mohave Valley Daily News: Study exploring new way to test brain tumor drugs

Time is everything for people with glioblastoma, the most common and deadly type of brain tumor. Even when surgeons think they got it all, the cancer usually grows back and proves fatal. The few drugs to treat these tumors have little effect — median survival is about 14 months. “We’ve had an endless string of […]

TIME: Birth Control Pill Risks May Now Include Brain Cancer

Dr. David Gaist, a neurologist at Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark, and his colleagues found that women taking hormonal contraceptives — those containing estrogen, progestin or a combination of both — showed higher rates of a rare brain tumor known as glioma. Their results, published Thursday in the British Journal of […]

23abc: A new therapy helps those with traumatic brain injuries

Betty Mendez facilitates these therapeutic drum circles for the Centre for Neuro Skills every Tuesday and Thursday night. She says any activity that crosses the midline of the body, like the act of drumming, helps the two hemispheres in the brain to start communicating again. According to her, everyone in her group has shown signs […]

CT Post: Study: Younger vets have higher suicide risk

A new study suggests that the suicide risk for veterans who served in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is significantly higher — 41 to 61 percent higher — than for the general population. The study, led by Department of Veterans Affairs and Army researchers, is the most comprehensive look to date at the […]

USA Today: Bomb-induced brain injury may be its own disease

Scientists studying the brains of young veterans who died long after war shed light on a growing theory about damage caused by bomb blasts — that it’s unique enough to be its own disease. Roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, were the No. 1 weapon for killing and wounding U.S. troops in Iraq […]