Brain Injury

Huffington Post: Trauma of War, Illusion of Growth

Back in 2009, the U.S. Army undertook a dramatic transformation of its own culture. The country had been at war for almost a decade, with many soldiers repeatedly deployed to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. The intense and cumulative stress of protracted conflict was taking a devastating toll — reflected in high rates of […]

GMA News Online: Watch: Violinist Performs During His Own Brain Surgery

Musician Roger Frisch played the violin while undergoing brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic in the US, to guide surgeons working to stop a tremor in his brain that threatened to end his career. The Mayo Clinic’s YouTube video described Frisch as having “essential tremors,” a nervous system disorder that causes shaking. The tremors could […]

TIME: A New Key to Understanding Depression

Scientists are studying alternative explanations for complicated conditions like depression, and researchers from the University of Cambridge are looking into a preliminary but interesting theory that a protein released into our blood when our bodies are responding to infections—referred to as an inflammatory marker—may have a role in mental health.  The researchers hypothesize that there […]

Medical Xpress: Scientists Identify Predictors of Prospective Memory Deficit Post TBI

Kessler Foundation scientists have identified predictors of prospective memory impairment after traumatic brain injury (TBI). Findings were epublished on July 28 by the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. The article, “Rule monitoring ability predicts event-based prospective memory performance in individuals with TBI,” is authored by Jessica Paxton, PhD, and Nancy Chiaravalloti, PhD, of Kessler […]

Science World Report: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Affects Brain’s Response to Speech Sounds

The researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas, for the first time showed how noise-induced hearing loss affects the brains recognition of speech sounds. They state that continuous exposure to loud noise alters the manner in which brain processes speech, gradually increasing the difficulty to distinguish speech sounds. Nearly 15 percent of the American population […]

BBC News: Tiny Pieces of Gold ‘Boost Brain Cancer Therapy’ in Lab

Minuscule pieces of gold may help improve treatment for aggressive brain cancers, according to research published in the journal Nanoscale. Scientists engineered extremely small golden spheres, coating them with a chemotherapy drug. When the tiny particles were infused into the center of tumor cells, the cancer stopped replicating and many diseased cells died. Researchers hope […]

Fox News: Irregular Heart Rhythm During Surgery Tied to Stroke Risk

A large new U.S. study finds that people who developed irregular heart rhythms during hospital stays for surgery were more likely to have a stroke later on. Although the heart flutters and fibrillation may result from short term stress associated with having surgery, they could also be a sign of undiagnosed vulnerability to stroke and […]

Huffington Post: Bipartisan Support for the Traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization Act

With Republicans and Democrats divided on so many policy issues, it is gratifying to see the parties agree on an approach to a serious public health problem — traumatic brain injury (TBI). In June, the House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 1098, the Traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization Act (TBIRA), legislation to reauthorize programs that will […]