Brain Injury

BBC News: Sports Concussion ‘Breathalyzer’ Proposed

Experts who want tighter regulation of concussion in sport are trialing new medical tests that could provide rapid, pitch-side diagnosis. The “return to play decision” after a head injury is a serious problem that has caused tragedy and controversy. Among the new proposals is a breath test, which successfully detects key chemicals in early laboratory […]

The Daily Cardinal: UW Research Sparks Cancer Treatment Innovations

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have made an important advancement toward improved imaging and treatment of cancer. Over years of research, they have developed a class of molecules that accumulate in cancer cells—and not in other cells of the body—making it possible to specifically target cancerous growths. These alkylphosphocholine (APC) molecules can be tailored […]

Science World Report: New Hope For Treating Perinatal Brain Injuries

Researchers have stumbled onto a new pathway to help treat perinatal brain injuries, including certain neurodegenerative disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. “We would never have connected the dots between PIF and let-7 without prior knowledge and experience with let-7 and H19, a developmentally regulated gene that is highly expressed in the developing embryo,” said […]

Science 2.0: Xenon Gas Reduces Brain Damage After Head Injury

Treatment with xenon gas reduces the extent of brain damage after a head injury, according to a new study. Head injury is the leading cause of death and disability in people under 45 in developed countries – due primarily to falls and road accidents. The primary injury caused by the initial mechanical force is followed […]

Science Codex: Brain Damage Caused by Severe Sleep Apnea is Reversible

A neuroimaging study is the first to show that white matter damage caused by severe obstructive sleep apnea can be reversed by continuous positive airway pressure therapy. The results underscore the importance of the “Stop the Snore” campaign of the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project, a collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, […]

KOAT: Binoculars May Change Fight Against Sports Concussions

In a race to make football and all contact sports safer, several changes have been made in New Mexico. “We measure how the eyes move, how fast they move, how fast they react to light and how fast the pupils restrict and dilate, and that tells us about brain function, because the brain is controlling […]