Brain Injury

NY Daily News: Colds May Temporarily Increase Stroke Risk in Children: Study

Parents, watch out: your child’s cold may temporarily up his or her risk of having a stroke as a kid. Kids who had been to the doctor for a minor infection like a cold were 12 times more likely have a pediatric stroke than kids who hadn’t. But the risk of childhood stroke remains very […]

USA Today: NCAA: Leading on Head Injuries Safety

Since its inception, the NCAA has been committed to student-athlete health and safety. More than 100 years later, our commitment to protecting student-athletes is as strong as it has ever been. The NCAA has partnered with the Department of Defense on a landmark $30 million initiative, including the most comprehensive study of concussion and head […]

Medical Xpress: Researchers Look at Breast Cancer Drugs to Treat Certain Brain Tumors

University of Cincinnati (UC) researchers hope to repurpose commonly used breast cancer medicines for the treatment of malignant primary brain tumors such as gliomas. “We have an early discovery with the tremendous potential to cure,” says Pankaj Desai, PhD, a professor of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism at the UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy who […]

The Post and Courier: New Tests Could Improve Sideline Concussion Assessments

Doctors and athletic trainers need sideline assessment tools we can administer quickly. Those tests must correctly identify a player who has truly suffered a concussion while also ruling out a player who did not. Two new tests might help sports medicine professionals quickly and more accurately identify athletes who suffered concussions. Currently an athletic trainer […]

MedPage Today: Stroke Rounds: Less Educated Smokers at Higher Stroke Risk

The combination of a low level of education — a marker of socioeconomic status — with smoking appears to increase risk of stroke, especially in men, according to one of the first studies to analyze social inequality and stroke risk. In a pooled cohort of more than 68,000 people, lower education and current smoking led […]

USA Today: The Doctors: A Heads-Up on Concussions

Every year, hundreds of thousands of kids are treated for sports- and recreation-related brain injuries, including concussions, in emergency rooms across the USA. Among high school athletes, the rate of concussions more than doubled between 2005 and 2012, according to a recent study. Researchers suspect the uptick reflects an increased awareness. (August 18, 2014) Read […]

Channel 3000: Study: Brand, Age of Football Helmet Doesn’t Reduce Concussion Risk

A University of Wisconsin study suggests there is no difference in concussion risk for high school football players based on different brands or ages of helmets, according to a release. The study involved 2,081 football players at 34 high schools in Wisconsin during the 2012 and 2013 football seasons, according to the release. Players completed […]

MedScape: Growth Hormones in Kids Linked to Stroke in Young Adults

The use of growth hormone for the treatment of short stature or growth hormone deficiency in childhood may increase the long-term the risk for stroke in young adulthood, hemorrhagic strokes in particular, French registry data show. Investigators at the University of Lorraine in France found a significantly higher risk for stroke among patients treated with […]