Brain Injury

Inside Higher Ed: Playing Catch-Up on Concussions

The National Collegiate Athletic Association on Monday released guidelines it has developed with other organizations to try to protect players from concussions and other health threats related to athletic competition. The guidelines — which do not carry the force of NCAA rules — come as the association faces significant pressure to do more to combat […]

The New York Times: Former Players File Objection to Proposed N.F.L. Settlement

Seven former N.F.L. players accused the N.F.L. and the lawyers representing more than 4,500 retirees of failing to justify how they reached their proposed settlement that includes an uncapped amount of damages for players with severe neurological disorders. In a 58-page objection filed in federal court Wednesday, the seven former players, including Alan Faneca and […]

Fox News: Headbanging caused brain bleed in heavy metal fan

It may not destroy your soul, but it turns out heavy metal music can be hazardous to your brain. At least in some rare cases. German doctors say they have treated a Motorhead fan whose headbanging habit ultimately led to a brain injury, but that the risk to metal fans in general is so small […]

Radiology Daily: Portable Optical Brain Imaging Device Finds Concussions

An optical brain-imaging device could be a cheap, portable way of diagnosing concussions on the athletic field-or the battlefield-a preliminary study suggests. The device uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) via a three-pound band that’s strapped around the head. The “headcap” measures the flow and oxygenation of the blood as subjects take a computerized neurocognition test. […]

Baylor College of Medicine: Study finds safer treatment options for traumatic brain injuries

Blood loss resulting in low hemoglobin (the molecule in the blood that carries oxygen) can cause added neurological damage to those suffering from traumatic brain injuries. To try to prevent this, blood transfusions have been a standard of treatment in intensive care management despite potential side effects. In an effort to reduce the need for […]

Daily Caller: Science: Brain Injuries Have Spiked In Cities With Bike-Sharing Programs

If you’ve lived in a large American city the last couple years, you may have noticed large numbers of bicyclers lollygagging down the road on odd-looking, short-term rentals from the local bike-sharing program. You may have also noticed that these riders don’t tend to be wearing helmets. Not too surprisingly, researchers have connected a big […]

Tech Times: Traumatic brain injury ups risk of Alzheimer’s, early death

Joining the military service comes with serious risks. Many soldiers die in military operations and those who managed to survive continue to be influenced and affected by their experience. Warfare-related injuries, in particular, have long term impact on health and a new study suggests that military veterans who experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI) have increased […]

Nature World News: Early Life Stress Could Alter Brain Regions, Researchers Say

Children exposed to stress have long-term changes in key brain areas, new study shows. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, early-life stress due to poverty, abuse or neglect can alter brain areas dedicated to learning, memory and emotion. These changes in the brain could lead to future health as well as […]

USA Today: Safety groups target brain impact of headers in soccer

The World Cup has shown us how the world’s best soccer players can use their heads to re-direct balls into the goal, including the tying score by Portugal in the final seconds versus the United States. A new concussion safety campaign is being mounted to delay use of headers by U.S. youth players until high […]

Fox News: ‘Neural bypass’ reconnects brain to muscles in paralyzed man

Neurobridge works as a kind of neural “bypass,” taking signals from the brain, rerouting them around the damaged spinal cord and sending them directly to the muscles, according to its developers, including doctors at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and researchers from Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. “Other devices use electrical stimulation, […]