Brain Injury

Redstone Rocket: Army takes on traumatic brain injuries worldwide

In response to the increasing awareness and research on the effects of TBI, the Army launched a new training program designed to ensure everyone is educated on TBIs, including how to evaluate, treat and track Soldiers who may have experienced a concussive event. Special training is available to Soldiers, leaders, medics, primary care providers and […]

MSNBC: Obama will tackle concussions during sports summit

The White House hopes to inform the public about sports-related injuries by hosting a conference next week, when President Barack Obama is expected to unveil new commitments by the public and private sectors aimed at raising awareness against those damages. Obama has invited athletes, coaches and parents to attend the White House Healthy Kids and Safe […]

Medical Xpress: Genes play key role in brain injury risk for premature babies

Premature babies’ risk of brain injury is influenced by their genes, a new study suggests. Researchers have identified a link between injury to the developing brain and common variation in genes associated with schizophrenia and the metabolism of fat. The study builds on previous research, which has shown that being born prematurely – before 37 […]

MedScape: Cognitive Effects of Workplace Solvent Exposure May Persist

New research suggests that intense workplace exposure, especially recent exposure, to chemical solvents may lead to cognitive impairment that doesn’t diminish over time. The study found deficits in psychomotor speed, semantic fluency, immediate recall, and executive function in men decades after their exposure to solvents had ceased. Previous research had shown that solvents can cause […]

The Epoch Times: Brain Differences Found in NCAA Football Players

A small study of college football players found that the areas of their brains that control memory were smaller than average, especially if they had suffered concussions. But more research is needed to determine if the differences mean they’re headed for problems down the road. The study of NCAA players is only preliminary, but the differences were seen […]

HealthCanal: Older migraine sufferers may have more silent brain injurys

Older migraine sufferers may be more likely to have silent brain injury, according to research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke. In a new study, people with a history of migraine headaches had double the odds of ischemic silent brain infarction compared to people who said they didn’t have migraines. Silent brain infarction is a brain […]

WebMD: Concussion Rates Double Among High School Athletes

The rate of concussions in U.S. high school athletes more than doubled between 2005 and 2012, new research shows. The trend probably reflects an increased awareness and more legislation governing concussions in student athletes, and not more danger in sports, the study authors noted. “The bottom line is that rates have gone up,” said lead researcher Dr. […]

Live Science: Students Risk Brain Problems from ‘Smart’ Drugs

More than a million American students misuse prescription drugs in hopes of boosting their attention, memory or energy levels. But taking these drugs could cause long-term impairments in brain function, recent animal studies suggest. “Smart drugs” that may improve brain performance in the short term appear to have lasting effects on developing brains, making them less adaptable for […]

Sports on Earth: Facing the Truth

When he first saw the data, Patrick Bellgowan figured he had made a mistake. How else to explain it? A scientist at the University of Tulsa’s Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Bellgowan had been scanning the brains of college football players, comparing the results to scans of non-players. His focus was on the hippocampus, a […]