Brain Injury

Live Science: E-cigarettes linked to heart attacks, strokes

Electronic cigarettes are often thought of as “healthier” than conventional cigarettes, but the jury’s still out on their potential health risks. Now, a new study has found a link between e-cigarette use and an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. The study analyzed information from about 400,000 Americans who took part in a national […]

Healthline: Aspirin may reduce stroke risk for women with preeclampsia history

Preeclampsia is a condition that can affect pregnant women, causing high blood pressure that increases the risk of major cardiac events, seizures or even death. Now experts think they may have another tool in stopping the dangerous complications related to this condition: aspirin. (January 29, 2019) Read the full article here

MD Magazine: Traumatic brain injuries linked to epilepsy development

Investigators from Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech have found a link between concussions and epilepsy development via mice models. More specifically, the team found atypical responses from brain cells known as astrocytes, which follow traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), may be the cause of epilepsy development. (January 29, 2019) Read the full article here

Scienmag: Women twice as likely to suffer from severe depression after a stroke

New research today published in the European Journal of Neurology has found that women are twice as likely to suffer from severe depression following a stroke than men. The team of researchers from King’s College London followed the progress of symptoms over five years after stroke onset in 2,313 people (1,275 men and 1,038 women). […]

Forbes: Wealthy parents are shying away from football, but now from low-concussion sports

HBO’s Real Sports is providing evidence that families with money are taking their children out of tackle football because of worries about concussions. However, I’m not sure that’s the whole story, because these families are also increasingly putting their children in sports such as soccer, lacrosse, hockey and rugby — which also have high rates […]

Science Daily: Analysis examines migraine’s link to higher stroke risk

Migraine with aura was associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study, but a recent post-hoc analysis reveals unexpected results suggesting that onset of such migraines before age 50 years is not associated with such risk. Later onset of migraine with aura was linked with a higher risk, […]

ESPN: According to NFL, changes led to reduced concussions in 2018

The NFL says the number of concussions in games and practices dropped 23.8 percent in 2018. According to figures the league released Thursday, there were a combined 214 recorded concussions in 2018 during the preseason and regular season, compared to a record-high 281 in 2017. (January 25, 2019) Read the full article here

Medical Xpress: Researchers refine the ability to predict atrial fibrillation-related stroke

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is associated with a 5-fold increased risk of stroke. Nearly 3 million Americans are living with AFib. For years, researchers have been looking for ways to reduce the risk of stroke for this patient population. In a recent article published in Circulation, Lin Yee Chen, MD, MS, Associate Professor with tenure, Cardiovascular […]

USA Today: Why childhood concussion diagnoses have skyrocketed

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when taking a hit to the head while playing a sport was called “getting your bell rung.” Many might remember being told by coaches – and even parents – to “shake it off” and get back in the game. This way of thinking is flawed, says Dr. […]

Reuters: Heart attack, stroke tied to lost work and wages

People who suffer a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest may be less likely to work afterward, and those who do work may make less money, a Canadian study suggests. Survivors of sudden medical crises can experience lasting reductions in their quality of life and ability to complete daily tasks or perform work duties. (January […]