Brain Injury

U.S. News & World Report: Social support key to good mental health after stroke: Study

Two-thirds of stroke survivors who live at home have good mental health, and social support plays an important role, researchers say. The new study included 300 stroke survivors, aged 50 and older, in Canada. Survivors living in long-term care facilities, who tend to have the most serious disabilities, were not included. (January 14, 2019) Read […]

The Epoch Times: Fitness affects stroke risk

Low fitness levels have long been tied to higher risk for heart problems. Now researchers say men’s cardiorespiratory fitness is tied to their risk for stroke as well. Researchers in Norway followed 2,014 middle-aged men for more than 20 years.Those who were unfit for the whole study period, or who started out fit but became […]

Health Day: Stroke, heart events can sideline you from work

After having a stroke, heart attack or cardiac arrest, people are less likely to be employed than their healthy peers, new research shows. Even if they are working, they may earn significantly less than people who haven’t had a stroke or heart event, the investigators found. Although the majority of people who have one of […]

Bloomberg: The chance of developing stroke sometime during one’s lifespan is 25%

The probability of a person developing a stroke at some point during their remaining lifespan is seen at one in four globally on average, according to 2016 data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.The lifetime stroke risk for 25-year-olds ranged from 8 percent to almost 39 percent for people in China where the […]

Medical Xpress: Two-thirds of stroke survivors are in exceptionally good mental health

Two-thirds of stroke survivors are in complete mental health despite the impact of their stroke, according to a large, nationally representative Canadian study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. “It is so heartening to learn that the vast majority of stroke survivors are in optimal mental health, indicating […]

News-Medical: Biomarkers identified that could predict the risk of stroke

Researchers have successfully developed two biomarkers that could help predict the risk of a heart condition and stroke. The study titled, “Data-driven discovery and validation of circulating blood-based biomarkers associated with prevalent atrial fibrillation,” was published in the latest issue of the European Heart Journal. (January 7, 2019) Read the full article here

Newsmax: Job woes can increase risk of heart attack, stroke

Losing a job or taking a big pay cut is hard on more than just your checkbook — it might drastically increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure or death. A new study finds that people who endure large swings in income over the years are much more likely to develop heart disease […]