Brain Injury

Cardiovascular Business: Stroke patients have better chances of survival at teaching hospitals

New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests stroke patients receive better care at teaching hospitals and have reduced rates of readmission during the early stages of their recovery. “The research is important because readmissions have become a focus for improving quality of care while in a hospital, as well as […]

Health Imaging: 4 brain-scan checks that can improve care for stroke victims

Patients who have suffered a stroke may be helped by four easy checks of their brain CT scans, according to a large analysis published August 14 in The Lancet Neurology. Bleeding in the brain—intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)—is the most deadly form of stroke. Only one in five will survive without permanent damage. Models for predicting ICH […]

ABC News: Suicide risk nearly double for traumatic brain injury sufferers: Study

People who have been identified as having suffered a traumatic brain injury have almost double the risk of suicide than people without the condition, a new study by researchers in Denmark has found. The study, published Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA, examined 34,529 deaths by suicide over 35 years from a Danish national registry […]

Science Daily: Rethinking the stroke rule ‘time is brain’

In 1993, neurologist Camilo R. Gomez, MD, coined a phrase that for a quarter century has been a fundamental rule of stroke care: “Time is brain!” “Unquestionably the longer therapy is delayed, the lesser the chance that it will be successful,” Dr. Gomez wrote in an editorial 25 years ago. “Simply stated: time is brain!” […]

New Atlas: Stroke-detecting app could eliminate the guesswork

We’ve already seen a couple of apps capable of detecting a heart condition which can cause strokes. Now, Spanish scientists have developed an Android app that lets users know if they’ve actually just experienced a stroke – and if it turns out that they have, it gets help. Created by a team at Valencia’s Polytechnic […]

Science Daily: Young drinkers beware: Binge drinking may cause stroke, heart risks

Research by Mariann Piano, senior associate dean of research at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, has found that young adults who frequently binge drink were more likely to have specific cardiovascular risk factors such as higher blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at a younger age than non-binge drinkers. In a study published in the […]

UCLA Newsroom: Neuroscientist identifies biomarker for traumatic brain injury

A new UCLA study in rats shows that levels of a molecule called LPA rise quickly in several sites of the brain after traumatic brain injury, or TBI, suggesting a possible route to development of a diagnostic blood test for humans. The findings are consistent with previous research detecting higher concentrations of LPA in the […]