Brain Injury

News-Medical: Study shows lack of follow-up care for patients with concussion

Millions of Americans suffer concussions each year, and many endure symptoms for months or years afterward. A new study shows that a majority of patients with a concussion receive no follow-up care within three months of discharge from the hospital. Based on a sample of 831 patients sent to a top-level trauma center with a […]

Reuters: Exercise after stroke improves blood pressure, may prevent repeat strokes

People who’ve had a stroke can improve their blood pressure and reduce their risk of repeat strokes if they exercise, according to a new review of previous studies. “One of the challenges with stroke and exercise is that some people think they can’t because they have limited mobility,” said Ada Tang of McMaster University in […]

Futurity: Drug combo may ease near-term risk of second stroke

For people who have had a minor stroke or a transient ischemic stroke (TIA), combining the clot-preventing drug clopidogrel with aspirin may lower risk of having a major event within the next 90 days, new research shows. A study of 4,881 adults in 10 countries who either had a minor stroke or a TIA showed […]

Neurology Advisor: Unmet therapy needs common in children with traumatic brain injury

Children with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and complicated mild traumatic brain injury (cmTBI) are likely to have unmet service needs, including needs for occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy (ST), physical therapy (PT), mental health services, physiatry services, and educational services, as reported in Pediatrics. A total of 170 parent-child dyads were enrolled […]

TIME: Eating an egg a day may keep heart disease away, a new study says

Eggs have been a taboo food for decades, since they are high in cholesterol, but the latest science suggests that they might not be as unhealthy as once thought. In a study published in the journal Heart, researchers from China found that people who ate an average of one egg per day had lower rates […]

Duke Today: New biomaterial helps regrow brain tissue after stroke in mice

In a first-of-its-kind finding, a new stroke-healing gel helped regrow neurons and blood vessels in mice with stroke-damaged brains, Duke University and UCLA researchers report in the May 21 issue of Nature Materials. The results suggest that such an approach may someday be a new therapy for stroke in people, said Tatiana Segura, professor of […]

New Scientist: Blood from umbilical cord may help fix your brain after a stroke

A healing balm for the brain? Infusions of umbilical cord blood seem to help people recover better after a stroke. Strokes occur when blood can’t reach brain cells because of a blocked or burst blood vessel, causing them to rapidly starve and die. Joanne Kurtzberg at Duke University, North Carolina, and her colleagues wondered if […]