Brain Research

World Health: Spit test may predict stroke and heart attack

Thanks to scientists’ gene breakthrough a simple spit test may be able to predict strokes and heart attacks and help prevent thousands of events in those at greater risk of high blood pressure. Queen Mary University London and Imperial College London researchers have identified 535 genes linked to the condition, who say a third of […]

Medical News Today: Can a heart treatment lower depression and anxiety?

Many people who have atrial fibrillation experience symptoms of mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Do particular treatments for this condition help resolve such symptoms?  A-fib is tied to psychological distress, but one treatment for this heart condition can also improve the psychological symptoms. Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) is a common condition characterized by an […]

Newsweek: What is tES? People are zapping their brains to be more creative

People are using transcranial electrical stimulation devices to enhance creativity—even without the supervision of a doctor. Researchers at Georgetown University studied the at-home use of these devices and what it could mean for the future of the technology. Published Tuesday in Creativity Research Journal, the study explained there could be concerns with the use, especially […]

Science Blog: New insight into aging

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but new research shows you can teach an old rat new sounds, even if the lesson doesn’t stick very long. Researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) of McGill University examined the effects of aging on neuroplasticity in the primary auditory cortex, the […]

Medical Xpress: What your cell phone camera tells you about your brain

Driving down a dark country road at night, you see a shape ahead on the roadside. Is it a deer or a mailbox? Your brain is structured to make the best possible decision given its limited resources, according to new research that unites cognitive science and information theory—the branch of mathematics that underlies modern communications […]

Medical Research: Cannabis users have increased neural activity, even at rest

The cannabis literature has generally focused on changes in brain function when engaged in a task. We were interested in examining whether these differences are present when not engaged in a task (i.e., during resting state) to understand baseline functional organization of the brain. Changes to baseline functional organization may reflect changes in brain networks […]

Health Day: Fitter folks suffer milder strokes: Study

It’s well-known that regular exercise can help cut your risk for a stroke. Now, new research shows fitness may have an added bonus, cutting the severity of a stroke should one occur. So finds a study of more than 900 stroke survivors. It found that fitter people were twice as likely as sedentary folk to […]

Futurism: Clearing faulty cells out of the brain may starve off cognitive decline

There are something like 37 trillion cells in your body, each doing its designated task to keep you alive and healthy. But sometimes, some of those cells, particularly in our brains, simply become inert — these cells, called senescent cells, aren’t quite dead but they’re not performing their jobs, either. Scientists have long thought the […]