Brain Research

Psychology Today: How breathing calms your brain

The science of breathing stands on quite ancient foundations. Centuries of wisdom instructs us to pay closer attention to our breathing, the most basic of things we do each day. And yet, maybe because breathing is so basic, it’s also easy to ignore. (December 31, 2017) Read the full article here

Medical Xpress: Sleep-deprived brains may be asleep and awake at the same time

For something that can occupy such a significant chunk of time, sleep still remains a mysterious part of our lives. Although it is known to play a role in mental and physical health, such as metabolism and memory, there is much that is still not well understood. (January 4, 2018) Read the full article here

Science Daily: Pong paddles and perception: Our actions influence what we see

Most people think of vision as simply a function of information the eye gathers. For cognitive psychologists vision is a little more complicated than that. One researcher now faces head-on the notion that her experimental subjects have been victims of a psychological phenomenon called response bias. She employed a classic, action-specific experiment involving a video […]

BBC: Are women more at risk of concussion than men?

New American research aims to pin down whether women’s brains might be at greater risk of concussion than men – when they sustain a head injury playing sport. Anecdotal reports suggest that concussion in girls and women is more serious than in males and take longer to recover from. Sports like American football, rugby and […]

CBS News: Combat veterans suffering from same brain disease as concussion victims

As America’s enemies continue to make roadside bombs or improvised explosive devices a central battlefield tactic, more combat veterans are expected to come home like Sgt. Kevin Ash. “His whole personality changed… he had just become hardened… He was having blackouts… it frightened him,” says Ash’s mother, Joy Kieffer. Ash had been exposed to 12 […]

Reuters: Immune boosting virus could be used to treat brain tumors

A trial of a potential new brain cancer treatment has shown that a virus injected directly into the bloodstream can reach tumors deep inside the brain and switch on the body’s own defense system to attack them. The trial involved just nine patients, but scientists said that if the results could be replicated in larger […]

U.S. News & World Report: New hope for ‘ringing’ in the ears

For people with tinnitus, the persistent sense of ringing in the ears is mildly annoying at best and disabling at worst. But a new device may help ease the phantom noises, researchers report. The experimental device uses precisely timed sound and skin stimulation to target nerve activity in the brain. (January 3, 2018) Read the […]

Scientific American: Good feelings in the midst of chronic pain

Experts at the National Institutes of Health estimate that 25.3 million adults in the U.S. are living with chronic pain. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends against opioids as a first-line or routine treatment for chronic pain, the rate of opioid prescriptions has increased dramatically in recent years, contributing significantly to the […]