Brain Research

UPI: Cerebral small vessel disease, hypertension increase cognitive impairment risk

High blood pressure, in combination with periventricular white matter hyperintensities progression, could bring on cognitive impairment, even with medication to lower blood pressure, a new study says. New research published in the journal Hypertension showed that, among 345 men and women over age 65 with hypertension, 9 percent developed cerebral small vessel disease, bringing with […]

Psych Central: The mind-gut connection – and salt?

We have long been told to eat less salt as a high salt diet can lead to high blood pressure, which in turn is a risk factor for a host of health problems including heart disease and stroke. But did you know that, more recently, a high salt diet has been linked to stroke and […]

Science Blog: It’s not epilepsy: Counseling helps those with often misdiagnosed seizure disorder

One of four patients admitted to hospitals for evaluation of seizures don’t have epilepsy but rather have a debilitating and difficult to diagnose condition known as psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, or PNES. Nearly 80 percent of these patients who suffer seizures not caused by altered electrical activity in the brain have been previously misdiagnosed as having […]

Medical Xpress: The most important hair on your head is on the inside

Cells along the brain’s cavities are equipped with tiny hair-like protrusions called cilia. Cilia are still poorly understood, but we know a few things about what can happen if they are not doing their job. People with ciliary defects can develop neurological conditions like hydrocephalus and scoliosis. (January 4, 2019) Read the full article here

News-Medical: Mediterranean diet is the best diet there is

Diets come and go and have their time in the trending list. The U.S. News and World Report has however confirmed that the healthiest diet at present is the Mediterranean diet. For this report the team of experts ranked 41 different popular diets. They came to the unanimous conclusion that the Mediterranean diet can provide […]

Reuters: Stroke survivors in U.S. may be getting less healthy

Stroke survivors are doing better at managing their blood pressure and cholesterol today than a generation ago, but a growing number now have poor eating and exercise habits that carry a risk of repeat strokes, a small U.S. study suggests. To minimize the risk of another stroke, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends seven key […]

U.S. News & World Report: Be alert for concussions in young athletes

With youth winter sports in full swing, it’s important for coaches and parents to know the signs of a concussion, a sports medicine doctor says. “Because concussion can affect thinking, the person who suffered the injury might not realize there is a problem,” said Dr. Kathryn Gloyer, a primary sports medicine physician with Penn State […]

Science Daily: A new hope in treating neurodegenerative disease

A research team led by Professor Sung Bae Lee of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Professor Daehee Hwang of New Biology (Vice-head of the Plant Age and Life Research Group, IBS) has identified the early neuropathology mechanism of structural characteristics of polyglutamine toxic protein on neurodegenerative brain disorders. It was through a joint research with […]

Spectrum: New method exposes structures inside ‘rainbow’ of brain cells

Molecules from alpacas may enable scientists to identify cell types in the brain while also revealing their interior structures. The method may help researchers better visualize how the brain is wired in autism. Researchers often stain tissue with fluorescent antibodies to certain proteins so they can identify cell types. They can also use electron microscopy […]