Brain Research

Computerworld: ‘Mini-brain’ in spinal cord helps brain keep body balanced

The Human Brain Project and other efforts to build 3D maps showing how the physical surfaces of the brain deliver the power to understand quantum physics or walk across an icy pond without falling will have to tweak their plans. Dinosaurs may not have had a tiny, second brain in their backs to control their […]

EurekAlert: New clues about a brain protein with high affinity for Valium

Valium, one of the best known antianxiety drugs, produces its calming effects by binding with a particular protein in the brain. But the drug has an almost equally strong affinity for a completely different protein. Understanding this secondary interaction might offer clues about Valium’s side effects and point the way to more effective drugs. Now, […]

Daily Mail: The adorable 17-month-old who’s smiling his way through brain scans and hearing tests for world first research to stop speech impediments in kids before they even START talking

Researchers from the University of Sydney are conducting a world-first study on newborn babies to investigate whether it is possible to predict whether a child will stutter even before they can talk. Sydney University’s Australian Stuttering Research Centre are conducting the study in an attempt to discover the cause of stuttering, using 20 babies with […]

Clinton Herald: Ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health

Struggling to balance on one leg for 20 seconds or longer was linked to an increased risk for small blood vessel damage in the brain and reduced cognitive function in otherwise healthy people with no clinical symptoms, according to new research in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke. “Our study found that the ability to […]

Daily Mail: The perfect excuse for a pint! Regular beer-drinking could help ward off Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons, say scientists

Regularly drinking beer could help slow dementia, research suggests. Scientists have discovered an ingredient in hops which they think could slow the progression of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In laboratory experiments they found that the chemical, called xanthohumol or Xn, could help protect brain cells from oxidative damage associated with dementia. The […]

Medical Xpress: Novel eye-tracking technology detects concussions and head injury severity

Neuroscientists and concussion experts from NYU Langone and elsewhere, in a study publishing online January 29 in Journal of Neurotrauma, present a unique, simple and objective diagnostic tool for concussion that can be utilized in the emergency room or, one day, on the sidelines at sporting events. The study utilized a novel eye-tracking device to […]

Medical Xpress: Altered dopamine signaling a clue to autism

Newly discovered genetic variations linked to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) disrupt the function of the dopamine transporter, suggesting that altered dopamine signaling contributes to this common developmental condition, according to a Vanderbilt University-led research team. Two different inherited genetic variations in two different families of children with ASD “converged” to produce the same changes in […]

CBS News: Study: Some kids with autism show improvement by age 6

More than 10 percent of preschool-age children diagnosed with autism saw some improvement in their symptoms by age 6 and 20 percent of the children made some gains in everyday functioning, a new study found. Canadian researchers followed 421 children from diagnosis (between ages 2 and 4) until age 6, collecting information at four points […]

EurekAlert: Common pesticide may increase risk of ADHD

A commonly used pesticide may alter the development of the brain’s dopamine system — responsible for emotional expression and cognitive function – and increase the risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, according to a new Rutgers study. The research published Wednesday in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology […]

Live Science: People with Dementia May Have Hidden Talents, Strange Case Shows

A 60-year-old businessman lost his job and much of his personality to dementia. But despite his mentally debilitating condition, he learned to play the saxophone for the first time in his life, and played exceptionally well, according to a new report of his case. The Korean man, called J.K. in the report, had developed a […]