Brain Research

The Tribune: Robots Let Faraway Doctors Help Stroke Patients At French Hospitals

Stroke patients at Dignity Health hospitals on the Central Coast may find a robot at their bedside, allowing expert neurologists to “beam in” and support local physicians providing treatment. French Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital and Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria have launched a neuroscience and stroke program […]

ABC Science: Dads’ Exposure To Solvents Linked To Childhood Brain Tumors

Brain tumors in children could have as much to do with the father’s occupational exposure to solvents, as they have to do with the mother’s, a new Australian study has found. The study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, has found a link between parents’ exposure to chemicals such as benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene […]

Motherboard: Virtual Reality Is Being Used To Treat Heroin Addiction

Sometimes the only way to beat your demons is to face them, even if it’s in a simulated reality. To help people overcome drug addiction, researchers at the University of Houston’s Graduate School of Social Work are building hyper-realistic virtual worlds to recreate situations that trigger cravings for nicotine, alcohol, weed, and now, hard drugs […]

Daily Mail: ‘Love Hormone’ Could Help People With Autism Cope Better In Social Situations

A blast of the so-called love hormone could help people with autism interact better in social situations. Scientists have discovered that oxytocin helped adults better understand emotions and facial expressions. A key characteristic of autism is the inability to deal well with social situations and an apparent lack of interest or care for others. Oxytocin, […]

The Guardian: Shared Brain Activity Predicts Audience Preference

Neuromarketing firms claim that brain scanning technology can be used to evaluate consumers’ responses to products and predict which ones they prefer, but so far most of these claims are hugely exaggerated. New research published in the journal Nature Communications adding some hope to the neuromarketing hype, by showing that the brain activity shared by […]

NICHD: Training Can Improve Learning For Adolescents With Traumatic Brain Injury

A new therapy promises to shorten the recovery time for young people who have suffered a brain injury. Such injuries have a number of causes, but commonly occur after a blow to the head or even after an object pierces the skull and damages brain tissue. Young people with a traumatic brain injury often recover […]

Laboratory Equipment: Brain Study Reveals Social Origin Of Intelligence

By studying the injuries and aptitudes of Vietnam War veterans who suffered penetrating head wounds during the war, scientists are tackling – and beginning to answer – longstanding questions about how the brain works. The researchers found that brain regions that contribute to optimal social functioning are also vital to general and emotional intelligence. This […]