Brain Research

Press Release Rocket: New WesternU Study Explores Links Between Patterns of Brain Activity and Learning Mechanisms

“Different Patterns of Electrical Activity Lead to Long-Term Potentiation by Activating Different Intracellular Pathways,” by Guoqi Zhu, Yan Liu, Yubin Wang, Xiaoning Bi and Michel Baudry, was published in the Journal of Neuroscience Jan. 14, 2015. A paper by a team of Western University of Health Sciences researchers sheds new light on how rhythmic brain […]

Medical Xpress: Research group identifies GLUT2 protein’s role in zebrafish brain development

Researchers from the University of Barcelona (UB) have described the key role that GLUT2 protein plays in embryonic brain development in zebrafish. A new article —highlighted on the cover of the January issue of the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism— proves that this molecule depletion alters the development of brain basic structures involved […]

Medical Xpress: How thoughts and behaviour affect mood

The mood swings of people with bipolar disorder are influenced by their thoughts according to researchers. A study by Lancaster University showed that how people interpret everyday experience affects their behaviour and hence mood. The research “Response styles, bipolar risk and mood in students: The Behaviours Checklist” published in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & […]

Medical Xpress: Scientists look to heart disease and strokes for clues to treating Alzheimer’s

A growing body of research suggests that the most common cause of dementia in older people is a mix of vascular and Alzheimer’s-related brain abnormalities, and that approximately half of people who die with Alzheimer’s also have evidence of strokes in their brains. Furthermore, when strokes and hallmark Alzheimer’s plaques and tangles are combined, it […]

Medical Xpress: Curcumin’s ability to fight Alzheimer’s studied

One of the most promising new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease may already be in your kitchen. Curcumin, a natural product found in the spice turmeric, has been used by many Asian cultures for centuries, and a new study indicates a close chemical analog of curcumin has properties that may make it useful as a treatment […]

Care 2: Pets Who Help People with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Training service dogs for people with dementia is a relatively new trend, but it’s a global one. In Scotland, the organization Dementia Dog, a recently formed partnership between Alzheimer Scotland, The Glasgow School of Art, Dogs for the Disabled and Guide Dogs UK, has paired two trained assistance dogs, Kaspa and Oscar, with people in […]

Autism Daily News Cast: ‘Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Ease the Symptoms of Autism?

Autism is a complex disorder that continues to mystify researchers and parents alike. There are many unproven treatments rich in anecdotal evidence, but without strong scientific backing. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is one such treatment that is gaining popularity among parents of children with autism. (January 13, 2015) Read the full article here  

BioScience Technology: Genetic Predictor of Serious Brain Stroke Complications Discovered

University of Florida Health researchers have found a possible predictor for little understood — but often disabling or even fatal — stroke complications. The findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may extend to other neurological disorders, said Sylvain Doré, lead author and a professor of anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry, pharmaceutics […]